Young love at the Eiffel Tower Paris photo shoot

Eiffel Tower

Love is grand

Dymphe and Stef are a young, vibrant and beautiful couple in love, who I recently had the good fortune to photograph at the Eiffel Tower, on an absolutely stunning early spring morning.

They had traveled overnight by bus from Amsterdam, where they live, and while they’ve been to Paris many times, they wanted to capture their love story at the Eiffel Tower.

Do you remember young and in love? Maybe you’re still young, or maybe you’ve been with your partner a long time. Dymphe and Stef have been together more than two years, so their love story isn’t brand new, but you can see the love in their eyes, and the way they gently interact with each other. The way Stef looks at her, it was just touching and it’s these moments that I so enjoy capturing with my camera, and often at the Eiffel Tower.

All around Trocadero

As Dymphe wanted to do a change of clothes, we stayed at the Trocadero area for our photo session, which is across the river from the Eiffel Tower. As a Paris photographer, I pay attention to detail. One of the first things I noticed about Dymphe were here piercing blue eyes, made more prominent by her classic lipstick. Truly, she is a natural beauty and even her hair looked perfectly coiffed, which I was impressed with as she had been on a bus overnight, coming to Paris. Her choice of outfit was perfect, a floral skirt that just screamed “spring”, and incidentally, we were treated to such a lovely spring day, with sunny warmth and blooming trees.

I took the couple to some of my favorite Trocadero spots, and halfway through Dymphe changed into a fun and feminine skirt and tee, to change her look. I then took them to my favorite blooming pink tree for some nature shots and and infusion of color.

Those that visit Paris may notice that outside of the beautiful gardens, Paris is a bit monotone. The architecture of the buildings, to me at least, is the most charming in the world—those Haussmannian buildings ( with the cute wrought iron balconies are my favorites, but there is not a lot of color in Paris in general. That’s why I look for the color and try to infuse each photo session with a bit of color. Or as much color as I can find!

I so enjoyed working with this pair, they were really delightful and I wish them a beautiful future together and hope to see them again in Paris!

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