Why Paris is prettier in the rain and you should visit anyway

Rainy Day

Why Paris is prettier in the rain and you should visit anyway

Why Paris is prettier in the rain and you should visit anyway. When my clients come to Paris, and book a photo session with me, they’re hoping for bright sunny skies and preferably a high of 70F. Sometimes they hope for these bright sunny skies in the autumn, or in winter, and the reality is, usually there isn’t much sun in the autumn and winter, and most of the time it’s cloudy and rainy.

What a bummer! Who would want to come to Paris with weather like that? And who would want to do a photos session in the rain?

These are valid points, but in fact, Paris in the rain is magical. It’s the only city I’ve ever been in where I don’t mind walking around in the rain. I’m not sure why, it just lends an air of magic. Yes, your photos will look rainy, they may be misty, foggy, and you may not even be able to see part of the Eiffel Tower. It’s a different kind of beauty, but very Parisian. If you go with a good attitude, you can create some amazing memories and art that you’ll cherish forever from your time here.

I met Cassandra and Jay, a lovely couple from Duluth, Minnesota, at 8:00 am in the morning at Trocadero. The rain was coming down very heavily, but Cassandra planned ahead of time and brought a clear umbrella, which turned out to be just perfect. Having had her hair and makeup professionally done, she looked just beautiful. Due to the rain, she opted for classy jeans and strappy heels. Her love Jay went with dark denim and some dark shoes, together they had a cool and casual look. They were so nice and had the best attitude. Being that I’m originally from Minnesota too, we bonded over weather as if you don’t go out in Minnesota in bad weather, you don’t go out. We’re tough, we’re rugged.

The other benefit of photographing in the rain in Paris is the tourist crowds. There wasn’t a soul at Trocadero when we got there (they arrived much later)! This area regularly sees thousands of tourists on a daily basis. On average, 25,000 people visit the Eiffel Tower itself A DAY and make their way to Trocadero for an overall view and to watch the twinkling light show that happens once per hour after dark for a few minutes. So to be here with not ANYONE here was a rare treat!

I took Cassandra and Jay to all of my favorite places, including the colorful gardens, just ready to shed their leaves for winter. I really wish they wouldn’t, but the good news is that winter doesn’t last too long in Paris (unlike Minnesota) and there will be leaves back on the trees (or the start of leaves) by late March. I enjoyed chatting with this couple so much. Jay is a drummer and we talked about all of my favorite drummers and he gave me some good opinions on who is really talented and who isn’t so much. I absolutely love getting to know my clients and hear about their lives and what they’ve enjoyed in Paris, as well as giving some tips on my own.

Outfit change and a river boat?

When we’d finished at Trocadero, it was time to say goodbye, our time had run out. But then Cassandra told me they were headed back to the river boat they were renting for their stay. I was so intrigued! So many times I’ve walked along the Seine River (pronounced CEN) and wondered about those boats along the river. As it turns out, one was for rent and Cassandra and Jay were really enjoying their stay there. As I had to head back to my office in that direction anyway, I wondered if they’d like to do some photos in that neighborhood as well. To my delight, Cassandra and Jay said OUI and we took a taxi to the boat.

Many Parisians live on the river in elegant riverboats. I was really impressed with Cassandra and Jay’s rental, it was recently re-done, modern and very spacious (for a river boat!). The view outside was of the famous museum Musee d’Orsay. Cassandra took advantage of the reprieve from the rain and switched into her fancy dress, and after a few captures on the boat, we went for a super charming walk along the river, in an area I rarely photograph, but absolutely love.

The cobblestones can be difficult to walk on, but Cassandra navigated them like a pro. It was such a pleasure capturing the love story of this kind and funny couple from Minnesota!

If you’re coming to Paris with the one you love, and would love a romantic Paris photo session (they’re usually lots of kissing involved), don’t hesitate to reach out to me at contact@picturemeparis.com

See you soon in Paris, rain or shine!


Couple playful in the rain at the Eiffel Tower with umbrellas
Couple kiss passionately in the rain at the Eiffel Tower with umbrella
Couple walk hand in hand in the rain at the Eiffel Tower with umbrellas
Couple pose on a houseboat in Paris in the rain
Couple pose on a houseboat in Paris
Couple pose on a houseboat in Paris
Couple toast each other with champagne on a houseboat in Paris in the rain
Couple pose on a houseboat in Paris in the rain
well dressed woman being photographed in paris
strappy sandals on woman in paris
couple embrace passionately in paris along river seine
couple walk hand in hand along seine river in paris
woman walks along river in paris france
couple in love lift each other along seine river in paris
happy couple pose in paris along seine river


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