What to wear for your Paris photo session in all seasons

October 20, 2019

What to wear for your Paris photo session in all seasons

What to wear for your Paris photo session in all seasons? That’s a great question, and one I get often! As an English speaking Paris photographer, I advise clients all the time on what to wear. I know it’s really tough to plan your wardrobe when you travel. You don’t want to forget your great outfits, but you don’t want to overpack either, because you’ll need room in your suitcase for all your Paris souvenir!

The first thing to remember about Paris is that it’s in general a dressy town. Your photos will look 100% better if you’re dressed up a little. You’ll be photographed against some of the most romantic monuments in the world, the architecture is stunning, so you’ll want to look your very best. It’s not the best place for blue jeans and boots, but if jeans and a sweater are your thing, then please, dress as you are comfortable. You’ll see a lot of people formally dressed around Paris for photos, so I’d be remiss if i didn’t clue you in on that before you arrived.

Just as your wardrobe is important, so is your hair and makeup. Some clients also enjoy having their makeup and hair professionally done, and this can make a world of difference in how you feel, as well as how you look for your Paris photo session with Picture Me Paris.

In general, solid colors are best for photos, although floral prints can be pretty too, but guys should avoid patterns such as stripes. Make sure you always bring flat footwear too, in case we walk between locations.

Without further a–do…here, season by season, is my advice for what to wear in Paris for your Picture Me Paris photo session.


Winter in Paris is cold. Not Minnesota cold. Not Canada cold. But chilly, bone-chilling cold. Winter generally starts at the end of November and runs to the beginning of March. Of course, with shifting climate patterns, this has changed a bit. You can expect during these months there to be no leaves on the trees, no flowers in the gardens, and there to be mostly cloudy, gray skies. Occasionally we get some sunny days in winter, but it’s not the norm, and you should not plan for sun. It’s actually preferable to photograph you on a cloudy day, rather than a sunny one. There will be less glare and you won’t squint! There is still incredible beauty in Paris in the winter, the architecture is easier to see without leaves on the trees. Even walking by the river can be mesmerizing in the winter.

Temperatures will range from highs in the low 40sF to the low 50sF in winter. Sometimes, it gets much colder, with highs only in the upper 20sF to lower 30sF.

It often rains in winter, sometimes every day. Usually it’s not an all-day rain, but showers that come and go.

Why on earth would anyone come to Paris in the winter, you may ask? Well, rates are lower. There are less tourists (except during the holidays). Speaking of the holidays, it’s so pretty in Paris during the holidays, extremely festive! In the middle of winter, after the new year, you’ll find lots of things to do in Paris, and for photos, the bare trees and architecture are a pretty combination. Don’t expect the sun, and you won’t be disappointed, but we can have some beautiful winter days too.

Wardrobe essentials in Paris in winter

  • A clear umbrella, or if you can’t find one, a light colored umbrella. Avoid black umbrellas as it darkens your face.
  • A cute and stylish winter coat you don’t mind being photographed in. It’s best to buy your coat before leaving home. Coats with faux fur or belts are super cute, try to get a color coat (red or pink are great). Black works too but a bit of color is great.
  • A scarf or hat (beret) is great for keeping you warm. Again, choose a color like red or pink if your coat is black. Any pop of color on your wardrobe is great in winter.
  • Some cute and stylish boots.
  • For the guys, a tailored winter coat, dress shoes or boots and a colorful scarf are great.

Of course, even in winter you can be photographed without your coat. It’s totally up to you and your comfort level. We simply will take the coats on and off between photographs.





Spring is one of the loveliest seasons in Paris! Spring usually starts to arrive in Paris around the beginning of March and the temperatures gradually warm throughout the springtime months. Most trees bloom in Paris from the end of March to mid-April. Average high temperatures during this period can range from mid 40sF to 60sF, the later in the spring we go. As like in winter, there is also a high probability of rain, so an umbrella is a great accessory.

Wardrobe essentials in Paris in spring

  • You may still want a coat or jacket of some type, a trench coat is great, make it stylish and accessorize.Scarves are also a great accessory.
  • Again, you can take the coat on and off as you like during your Picture Me Paris photo session.


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Summertime in Paris is pure magic! Summer usually arrives sometime in June but usually doesn’t get warmer until the end of June. Summer in Paris is very short, and the last few years’ have seen some very hot weather in Europe. In general, Paris experiences mild summer weather, ranging from the upper 60sF to low 80sF. Rarely does it go about 90F, although there can be heat waves. It’s hands down my favorite time of year in Paris, but I’m a person who loves long, sunny days.

Wardrobe essentials in Paris in summer

  • Summer is great if you love cute dresses! Flouncy, romantic, colorful…long or shorter. Spaghetti strap or long sleeves. All dresses are fantastic in summer, especially colorful dresses like pink or yellow. Also, gowns are fantastic!
  • For the guys, light colored slacks and a solid colored shirt is great. Try to avoid stripes.
  • For the feet, ladies, time to get out your favorite pair of sandals or heels. Guys, wear something classic.




Cooler days, and lots to do. Autumn in Paris usually arrives (by the temperature at least) around mid-September and lasts until early December. We can have very sunny days in autumn, but the weather is usually punctuated by rainy days and rain showers. An umbrella is key. Highs in the fall range from the upper 40sF to the lower 60sF.

Wardrobe essentials in Paris in autumn

  • A clear umbrella, or if you can’t find one, a light colored umbrella. Avoid black umbrellas as it darkens your face.
  • A trench coat or other coat you may like to be photographed in, but it’s usually warm enough that you can be photographed in a dress without being too cold
  • For your feet, you can wear heels (no sandals) and if your feet get cold, slip them into fuzzy boots in between photos