What a romantic and special Paris surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower!

July 28, 2019

What a romantic and special Paris surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower!

A romantic Paris surprise proposal is really special, Super special. But this one, well, it was off the charts!

David, from Austin, Texas, contacted me to inquire about a surprise proposal in Paris. He wanted to set up a Paris couples photo session, propose, and then continue with an engagement session. He wanted to spend the engagement session portion of his photo session in beautiful Montmartre, a charming village on the hill of Paris. But for the surprise proposal, it had to be with a view of the Eiffel Tower, so David selected the Trocadero location with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Becky was not on to the plan, she thought they were doing a professional photo shoot together in Paris, and I can tell you, this is a dream for any woman in love. To be photographed with the man she loves in Paris? Pure magic! They even hired professional makeup services by Joleen Emory, a Franco-American makeup artist in Paris that’s very talented and super fun to work with.

We would meet at the Trocadero area of Eiffel Tower to begin the photo session, and then during the proposal, David would get down on one knee and ask Becky to marry him. It sounded like a great plan, and we were greeted with a beautiful day that had a little bit of everything. There had been a heat wave in Paris for the days leading up to David’s proposal and engagement session, but the heat wave broke, and we had a little bit of sun and even a thunderstorm near the end!

I met David and Becky at Trocadero and could see immediately how much they loved each other. Becky told me that they’d both been married before and were both afraid of going into a new relationship, as they definitely knew what they did not want. But they found each other and a partnership that suits them perfectly, I admired their easygoing playfulness and joy while we were together during our three hours. David wanted some advice on the actual proposal itself, and my favorite location is by the fountains. It gives a sweeping view of the Eiffel Tower (very panoramic) and also there are usually fewer people from this vantage point.

The time had come for the big ASK. I had the couple turn to the Eiffel Tower together and look at it, then had them face each other. When David did this he spoke his words of love, and then, got down on one knee. Becky of course, said YES! I mean, how could she say no to a guy like David? Sensitive, kind, and intelligent (that he’s handsome goes without saying). David gets a pretty good deal out of it too, for I found Becky warm and compassionate, witty and real. Of course, very, very pretty, I kept commenting on her pretty legs (I like my legs to a point but I always admire the gams of others), and she told me she’d been a figure skater when she was younger. I absolutely love figure skating! So we had a great talk about that, and I bored them both with stories of my favorite Olympic ice skating performances.

But you see, I’m not just a professional photographer in Paris, I’m quasi-tour guide and since I love meeting people, I tend to talk a lot. If you don’t like chatty photographers, I’m probably not the person for you. 🙂

After the surprise proposal, we embarked on an amazing engagement session at the Eiffel Tower, going riverside (my favorite spot) and then to the bridge of Bir Hakeim. I love the river, especially in the morning, the lighting is soft and pretty and it’s calm and peaceful.

As I mentioned, David chose Montmartre for his engagement session. Montmartre, which I find to be the most charming neighborhood in all of Paris, is on a hill, and is often what you think of when you think of Paris, and despite there being a Starbucks, it’s still one of the more quaint in Paris. Yes, it’s touristy, but if you get there early enough, it’s not too bad at all.


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From the Eiffel Tower, we took a taxi to Sacre Coeur Basilica (despite the fact I asked the driver to drop us off at Metro Abbesses, and yes I speak French well enough that he should not have been confused, oh well). From there I did my infamous Karina mini-tour around Montmartre, stopping at the famous square, Place du Tertre, where you can have your caricature drawn, then down to La Maison Rose, the most Instagrammed restaurant in Paris, to Au Lapin Agile, the oldest continually operating cabaret in Paris, and then to the Wall of I Love You‘s, a popular art installation. Many people actually prefer to propose at this very wall, in fact. It’s really charming and a hit with tourists, who photograph themselves all day under their preferred language.

I’m all about the fun, a surprise proposal and engagement session should be fun and memorable, and relaxing. I had so much fun walking around with David and Becky, it was like being on vacation! They are so easy going and fun to talk to. Becky, I felt, was like my long-lost sister. She was so positive and upbeat about Paris, she loved the cobblestone streets and architecture. Her enthusiasm was so infectious, and David loved Montmartre too. I absolutely love working with couples in love! I know that’s cliché, but in this case it’s oh-so-true!

We finished off our day with a typical Parisian café, except instead of coffee, David and Becky celebrated with a glass of fine French wine. Then the heavens opened up and it poured buckets, but it was so romantic regardless.

I can’t believe how fortunate I am to spend time with amazing people like David and Becky and not only photograph them in amazingly scenic spots, but to make new friends too. Congratulations to you both, may you have a long and incredibly happy life together!

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