Valentine’s Day is always a special day for people who love each other to show their love, not that it replaces every other day of the year, but it’s a special day set aside for this love. What better place to capture that love than in the City of Love, Paris, France?

It had to be one of the coldest mornings of the year, and Mother Nature decided to blanket the Eiffel Tower with a thick blanket of fog. Oh that, and a crane, setting up something at Trocadero. Unfortunately, especially in the winter, the fog can be a problem at the Eiffel Tower. Sometimes it lasts just a few hours, sometimes all day. 

I met Nicole and Pascal at Trocadero, and we decided that we would try some other Paris locations and leave the Eiffel Tower for later. This gorgeous couple from Miami, Florida, was dressed to the nines, but it was so cold we could see our breath. Even so, they were great sports and I enjoyed showing them parts of Paris I don’t go to super frequently.

For example, I don’t often photograph at the Pont Alexandre, the most ornate bridge in Paris. But today, with the cold weather, there were fewer people out and we had the bridge more or less to ourselves. We then took advantage of this, and walked across the street to the steps of the Petit Palais.

The golden doors are really a sight to see! It’s not easy to photograph here either, as it’s a museum and people are coming in and out at all times. We got lucky. I spotted some spring flowers planted nearby, and in an effort to add some beautiful color to the images, asked Nicole and Pascal if they’d mind posing there, and they happily obliged.

Nicole’s stunning red dress was perfect for a day like this. With the exception of the fog which can obscure the Eiffel Tower, I rather like a bit of fog as I think it lends an air of mystery and romance.

We made our way to the Louvre Courtyard and even stopped for a few images at the Arc du Carrousel, with its marble arches. It was such a pleasure sharing Paris with this warm couple, even though all of our hands were freezing cold!

My thanks to Nicole and Pascal for braving the chilly Paris weather, and for choosing me to capture their love story in images I hope they cherish forever!

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