The honeymooners, young couple in love captured at the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

The Honeymooners

There was a famous sitcom from the 1950s called The Honeymooners that I never got into. My grandma watched it, but my mother really didn't, so I didn't watch it either, as I pretty much followed whatever she did. But, I do like classic American TV shows. So, what on earth does a TV show have to do with a Paris photo session?

I met Liz and Brandon at Trocadero, which is the key meeting spot for most Paris photo sessions at the Eiffel Tower. They were warm, friendly, and when I realized they were from Green Bay, Wisconsin, I knew why. Now my home state of Minnesota and the football team of the Minnesota Vikings, has always had a big rivalry with the Green Bay Packers. But I'm not a football fan and in general, the people from the Midwest of the United States are kind, genuine and friendly.

This was certainly the case with Liz and Brandon!

I started photographing them, and asked them questions about themselves. Had they been to Paris before, how long were they in town, and how long they'd been together. Then I found out that they got married just a few days' ago! Their time in Paris is their honeymoon! This made perfect sense, as they are clearly deeply in love and made for each other. The love oozed out of every frame I captured.

Perfect springtime in Paris

The first thing I noticed was the colorful dress Liz was wearing. The bright colors are perfect for a honeymoon photo shoot in Paris, and really made the images pop, especially since it was a gray day. In the spring in Paris, sometimes it's super sunny, sometimes it's gray, and sometimes it's raining. Photography in cloudy weather is actually quite nice--no squinting from the sun to worry about.

All around Trocadero

This couple was so easy to work with, and up for anything, that we were able to cover a lot of ground at Trocadero. I have my favorite spots like most Paris photographers like to photograph, the staircases are to die for, and there are certain vantage points where you can see the whole world before you.

Trocadero is on a hill, and back in the day there used to be a castle on the hill. It was demolished in the 1930s and the current building established in 1937, known as the Palais de Chaillot. Its golden statues are a beacon to the busloads of tourists who descend on Trocadero every day around 9:00 am.

On this day, we had the place more or less to ourselves, as we started at 7:00 am. Now, I'm not a morning person, and neither are Liz and Brandon, they told me, but it definitely paid dividends, as we were able to enjoy all of the best spots for Eiffel Tower photography, including the Trocadero Gardens.

Honeymooning in Paris?

If you're planning a trip to Paris for your honeymoon now or in the future, I'd love to capture the early days of your new married life in Paris, a gift you can give yourselves to treasure. 


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