The 10 Best Places for Americans to be Photographed in Paris

Photographs for Americans Visiting Paris

The 10 Best Places for Americans to be Photographed in Paris

The 10 Best Places for Americans to be Photographed in Paris. Paris is one of those places that you read about and see movies about, and that you already have a picture of in your mind before even arriving. Paris has delighted and inspired Americans for a hundred years, and some of America’s best writers like Ernest Hemingway, F Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein made Paris their home. Even today, in our era of smart phones and Netflix, Paris has a magic and romance you can find other places, but it just isn’t the same. Paris is really very special, and it’s the most wonderful place to be photographed in the world if you’re a couple in love. Maybe you’re celebrating an anniversary, or maybe you just got married and are spending your honeymoon in Paris. Or, perhaps you’re engaged to be married and coming to Paris. I can’t think of a more scenic city on earth for engagement photos!

To inspire you, I’ve created this list of the 10 Best Places for Americans to be Photographed in Paris. This is coming from the viewpoint of not just a professional photographer in Paris (that’s me!) but someone who lives and works here.

#10  Place de la Concorde

Arguably the most famous square in Paris, the Place de la Concorde has quite a bit of history. In fact, this is where poor Marie Antoinette met her fate. These days, it’s a gorgeous square with two elegant fountains and the stately obelisk, which was a gift from Egypt. I love photographing Americans in this square and capturing all the little droplets coming from the fountains. It feels so epic and magnificent to be standing on a spot where so much history took place! It’s also quite near to the Tuileries Gardens in central Paris, and easy to pop over and photograph in the gardens as well.

beautiful couple celebrating honeymoon in paris at place de la concorde

#9 Place Dauphine

This tiny square, nestled between the Pont Neuf Bridge and Notre Dame Cathedral looks like a movie set. In fact, I’ve worked on movie sets and I think it looks the same or better than where I’ve worked! On either side are charming restaurants and in the center you’ll find bright green benches and loads of charm. It’s sort of a hidden spot most Americans don’t know about, but it makes for lovely photos. It’s one of my secret spots and I adore bringing Americans here.


engaged couple walking hand in hand in paris
newlyweds take pictures in streets of paris



#8 Luxembourg Gardens

There is no shortage of gardens in Paris. Magnificent gardens in Paris are places of relaxation, reflection, and romance. Walking hand in hand with the one you love, sharing a baguette sandwich, or just reading a book. Paris gardens are enchanting. My favorite garden in Paris is the Luxembourg Gardens. It’s so beautiful and has quite a history. This garden is located on the border between the neighborhood called Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Latin Quarter. These gardens were said to be inspired by the Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy. Luxembourg Gardens were the idea of Queen Marie de Medici and were built in 1612. The Queen was Italian and wanted some gardens to remind her of home. You’ll find a whopping 106 statues in this garden, a rose garden and even tulips in the spring. My favorite place to photograph Americans visiting Paris is the Medici Fountain. It’s so pretty and so romantic!


couple posing near french gardens
woman in red poses with fiance in fallen leaves



#7 Pont Alexandre

For my vote, the Pont Alexandre is the most beautiful and elaborate bridge in Paris. The bridge itself is regal. Amazing statues and gold touches, you’ve never seen a bridge like this! As an added bonus, Americans love that they can see a view of the Eiffel Tower from Pont Alexandre as well. I love to photograph my clients on the bridge itself and then under the bridge with a view of it for some really interesting perspectives. You’ll come away feeling like a king and queen!


matching couple takes engagement pictures along paris bridge
couple look into each others day during engagement pictures in paris
woman in red coat poses with fiance for photographer



#6 Eiffel Tower Bir Hakeim

For most Americans, a Paris photo session must include the Eiffel Tower. It’s no wonder, as the Eiffel Tower is the most important symbol of Paris. It signifies love and romance! This ornate wrought iron bridge is one of my favorite locations to photograph couples for interesting views of the Eiffel Tower. This part of Paris is very scenic and has even been in a few movies! Like that little sci-fi blockbuster starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Inception. Remember that one? I can’t promise Leo will be on the bridge, but I can promise stunning Paris couples photos!



light blue suit red bow tie white dress wedding day paris
fiances walk along river in paris for pictures
man in blue suit poses with fiance in yellow dress and purple shoes on yellow bicycle



#5 Ile St Louis

Meet me in St. Louis, Ile St Louis, that is! My American clients adore this neighborhood because it reminds them of the charming images they’ve seen of Paris in books and in the movies, too. I love photographing American couples here as well! If you love charming cobblestone streets, old cathedrals, famous bridges and river scenes, then this area is one you won’t want to miss! Despite the fact that a fire destroyed the roof of Notre Dame in 2019, and the cathedral will be under renovation for many years to come, this neighborhood of Paris is still one of the most charming in all of Paris.


couple embraces in paris near river and bridge
light blue suit white wedding dress picture paris



#4 Montmartre

It’s all about the charm, right? I know this is getting very repetitive! How much charm does one city have? Well, talking about Paris, a LOT! This particular neighborhood in Paris still feels like a village. It’s a favorite location for Americans who love quaint cobblestone streets, stupendous viewpoints, and a touch of magic. Why magic? You can practically feel the ghosts of great artists like Monet and Van Gogh walking the streets, paint brush in hand. One of the very best places for romantic couples photography in Paris for visitors from the United States, and a ton of fun too!



blue dress and blue tie with green fence in corner
man in gray suit poses with fiance in red blouse in paris



#3 Louvre

If you’re an American who loves architecture, this the place for you! The Louvre is the world’s most visited museum because of a forever-young lady named Mona Lisa who hangs on a wall there. But may Americans don’t realize that the Louvre is a former palace. Before the Chateau of Versailles, French royalty lived in central Paris at the palace of the Louvre. Now, the Louvre makes for an excellent day of art immersion and is a gorgeous spot for a Paris photo session for Americans. Just be sure to wear your very best outfit so you look as royal as you feel!


couple in black and white pose in front of the Grand Palais in paris
couple poses along street lights in paris



#2 Eiffel Tower Trocadero

This is the most popular view of the Eiffel Tower for Americans, and a prime location for Paris photography. With panoramic, sweeping views of this famous icon, I’ll photograph you on the staircases and gardens for truly romantic images you’ll want to print and put in a really pretty frame! You really can’t go wrong here, and if you’re in Paris in the summer months you’ll catch a spray from the magnificent fountains. This is also a perfect place if you’re considering a Paris wedding or elopement!


red dress black suit eiffel tower paris
posing with umbrella near eiffel tower in rainy day
sitting in front of eiffel tower for photographer



#1 Eiffel Tower Riverside

My number one Paris location for Americans to be photographed?!

That’s right, the Eiffel Tower!

Now, this isn’t just any old view of the Eiffel Tower. This view gets your right up close and PERSONAL to the Eiffel Tower! The Seine River is peaceful and perfect for a stroll. I love to create natural, easygoing art of couples near the Seine River with views of the Eiffel Tower. Even in the rain! I love to show Americans just how gorgeous this location is when I photograph them in Paris, I think you’ll love it too!


husband and wife pose along river near eiffel tower
couple kissing under black umbrella in paris
couple embrace in front of the eiffel tower


So there you have it, from the thoughts of an American professional photographer in Paris, the very best places for Americans to be photographed in Paris! If you would love to be photographed at any of these gorgeous places in Paris, I’d love to photograph you! Click here to check out Paris photography packages.

See you soon in Paris!


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