Sunrise Paris love session at the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Sunrise Paris love session at the Eiffel Tower

Sunrise Paris love session at the Eiffel Tower. What a way to start a new week in Paris, with a sunrise love session with a gorgeous and kind couple from Vancouver, Canada. Angela and Daniel were waiting for me at the street level at Trocadero, where we greeted each other. We were treated to a beautiful sunrise, which is extra special in Paris as it's not always guaranteed. Paris has mostly cloudy skies, even when it's sunny, it often clouds up later in the day, so a sunrise and a sunny day is extra special.

This couple is so in love and in sync, it was an absolute pleasure to photograph them. We discussed the kinds of photographs they were looking for. I ask this of all my couples. My portfolio and gallery should be a great indication of my style, which I do not alter. To be honest, I'm an expert photographing the Eiffel Tower too, I'm there all the time and I think I know each and every spot. My photos for the day will depend on many things. The light. How busy it is. What the couple is searching for. I specialize in romantic couples photos, and I have so many couples that say I don't want posed photos! Couples tell me they want candid photos, and what they really mean is, photos where they're not looking at the camera, as if someone just passed by and caught them kissing at the Eiffel Tower or holding hands. This is also posed photography, because true candid photography is documentary photography.

Does anyone remember this famous kiss in Paris by famous photographer Robert Doisneau during World War II?

The Kiss

This looks like a candid photo of a couple kissing in Paris. Wow, how was he able to capture that so candidly? Answer: he didn't! It was staged! Read more about that here. 

My point is, even the most iconic photos taken in history were not really candid or documentary, and your photos session at the Eiffel Tower won't be either.  But you will have the choice of more photos that are called "camera aware" where you're looking at the camera, or more photos where you're looking at each other, holding hands, or kissing and therefore, they don't look posed at all. In the end, you'll have dozens of photos in your online photo gallery to choose from, you'll chose your absolute favorites!

If you skim my blog posts you'll see that I sometimes comment on the outfits my clients wear. It's so important to select clothing that suits your personality, fits well, makes you feel comfortable and great, and color is always a good idea.

Angela chose a gorgeous, feminine pink/pastel dress that reminded me of a classic dress from the 1940s. Daniel looked great in complimentary colors. Ladies, sometimes our men don't really relish the idea of getting all dressed up, but if you can get him dressed up, your photos will be that much better. I mean, how often are you at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, with the one you love?

The morning was really busy, as June mornings tend to be, but we were able to capture the love and passion Angela and Daniel share at various points around Trocadero.

Headed to the Champs de Mars

One of Angela's requests when we met was of a photo of her grandparents at the Eiffel Tower, taken in the 1950s. I thought this was such a sweet gesture. The photo appeared to be taken from the Champs de Mars, the wide grassy area right near the Eiffel Tower. I never photograph here for so many reasons. First, there's construction there (now going on years), the grassy area isn't so nice as it's littered with the garbage picnickers leave there (shame!) and rats. Yes, folks, like many big cities with lots of tourists and lots of food scraps, there are rats. Rats love, love, love the Champs de Mars. Plus, from a photography standpoint, it's not so easy to photograph the Eiffel Tower at the Champs de Mars without the subjects of the photo being teeny tiny.

That said, while I do leave Trocadero and go to the river and Bir Hakeim bridge quite frequently, and never to the Champs de Mars, I wanted to try to recreate this memorable photo of this couple. Hopefully, to show to grandma and make her smile. So we did our very best and I had to do a bit of Photoshop to clean up all of the garbage scattered on the lawn, but it was worth it if I made Angela and Daniel even a tiny bit happy.

What an absolutely fabulous morning, my thanks to Angela and Daniel for being so wonderful to talk to and photograph. If you're thinking of booking your own couples photo session at the Eiffel Tower or anywhere in Paris, check out Picture Me Paris photo packages here. I'd love to meet you!



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