Stunning January Paris engagement photo shoot

Stunning January Paris engagement photo shoot. Winter in Paris can be super rainy, sometimes it rains every day, but this season has been notably drier. I was thrilled to photograph this lovely couple from San Francisco at spots all around Paris. As a Paris engagement photographer, I love to capture couples in love, however, most of the time we stay put at the Eiffel Tower. But not today. Erika and Yves, visiting Paris for the first time from San Francisco, wanted to do something really special and see part of the city.

Erika works as an emergency nurse, a very demanding job, and Yves is in financial services, risk management. They’re a dynamic, stunning couple and I so enjoyed our morning together, even though it was a bit chilly.

Erika was dressed in a classy and elegant long gown, later on, as it became a bit colder, she donned her stylish winter coat, and in winter it’s great to do a mix of photos with and without coats.

Yves was also sharp looking, an absolute natural in front of the camera.

They had brought along a clear umbrella, which we never ended up having to use, but it’s such a great idea. Even if the rain does start to fall, a clear umbrella will both keep you dry and allow us to still photograph the beauty of Paris.

Some portraits, some landscape

We photographers in Paris are usually photographing our clients at the Eiffel Tower, the large piece of metal that is an international symbol of love and romance. When I photograph couples there, it’s really important the photos have the entire Eiffel Tower in them. These are called environmental portraits, or portraits where there is landscape or another object behind and the subject is part of the environment or landscape.

However, I do a mix of environmental portraits, from farther away to capture the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame and so forth, as well as more traditional portraits. I find the traditional portraits to be absolutely gorgeous and I love to capture the emotion of the couple. Erika had mentioned that she actually preferred portraits, so I was sure to create both.

From the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre to Place Dauphine and the Latin Quarter

We started our day at Trocadero, with a stunning full-on view of the Eiffel Tower, and then made our way to the river and finally ended at Bir Hakeim Bridge. The bridge offers a sweeping panoramic background of the Eiffel Tower from the west side. From there, we hopped in a taxi for the short ride to the Louvre, one of most visited museums in the world. In fact in 2018, the Louvre had record attendance. It warms my heart to realize that after all these years people still love having a look at La Jaconde (Mona Lisa). That little lady has been admired by millions.

Once at the Louvre, I took Erika and Yves to my favorite spots, really showing off the architecture, and from there we walked across the Pont des Arts, made famous as it was formerly one of the “love lock bridges” and was also featured on the very last episode of the HBO classic, Sex and the City.

The view of the Parisian bridges from this bridge is really something, and I pointed out the ancient Pont Neuf bridge, one of the wonderful landmarks of Paris. We walked along the river and then back up across Pont Neuf to my favorite little square in Paris, the Place Dauphine. This square just oozes charm, and really reminds me of a movie set, the backlot of Paris, if you will.

Erika and Yves were really troopers. I knew they were cold, and honestly, during our session we could spend up to three hours, it’s always at the client’s discretion. But, I really wanted to show them Paris, and so we kept going. Our next stop was the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral and from there we popped into the Latin Quarter for some beautiful street scenes.

The Latin Quarter gets its name because its one of the oldest neighborhoods in Paris and at the time, Latin was the main language. It’s also where the famous Sorbonne University can be found, dates to 1257. That was a long time ago!!!

I love the narrow cobblestone streets in this neighborhood, it’s so charming and quaint. We ended our wonderful morning together at the Shakespeare & Co book store, the oldest English language bookstore in Paris.

I can’t thank Erika and Yves enough for a wonderful morning roaming the streets of this great city. No matter what time of year, winter or summer, spring or autumn, Paris is always a great idea!

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