Sizzling June couple in love photo session at Trocadero

June 2, 2019

Sizzling June couple in love photo session at Trocadero

One of the things that surprises people visiting Paris in the summer is the lack of air conditioning. Many hotels don’t have it, nor do restaurants, and for visitors from North America, who like to cold freeze every indoor space in the summer, this can be odd. Every single time I go to Miami in the summer and walk into a hotel I have to put on a parka and more than once I’ve become very ill from being outside in the intense heat and then in the freezing cold hotel. This sizzling June couple in love photo session at Trocadero had the makings to be a hot one, because of record temperatures in Paris (90F) and this hot couple from New York City.

From the moment Marquis contacted me, I knew I liked him. Even through email he was warm and friendly and polite. Polite is a big deal to me. I hate it when people are rude, and luckily I am fortunate that I have wonderful clients, but Marquis was special. He and his girlfriend Bianca would be visiting Paris and wanted to do a nice couples photo session at the Eiffel Tower.

Let’s go back to rudeness for a second. Paris has a reputation of being a very rude city. It used to be. It’s less so now. Yes, you’ll still find pockets of rude, stuffy waiters and people who cannot be bothered with you. Paris is famous for horrible customer service, so don’t expect any and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. There’s also a few key things you absolutely must know before coming to Paris if you want to have a good time.

Must knows for a great Paris experience

  1. ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS say “Bonjour” (bone-joor) when entering a restaurant, hotel, bar or store. It’s considered polite to acknowledge the clerks, waitstaff etc. It’s so important in France, it’s in fact the most important piece of advice. Don’t just walk up to someone and ask ANYTHING without saying bonjour. If you’re worried they’ll think you’ll speak French, ha, not a chance. They’ll hear your English accent a mile away and speak to you in English. Yes, in 2019, Parisians like to speak English.
  2. ALWAYS say “Au revoir” when leaving a store, restaurant etc. It’s also considered polite to say goodbye, even if you don’t buy anything at the store. You pronounce it OH-RE-VOIRE.
  3. 99% of the time the tip is ALREADY included in the bill, it’s just how they do it here, leave an extra euro or two if you want, but do not leave 15-20% extra like we do in the US, the tip is already included.
  4. You have to ASK for the bill at the restaurant, they won’t bring it to you. This is to give you a relaxed dining experience, so when you’re ready for it, ask for “l’addition” (bill). You pronounce it LA-DISHEON
  5. Always say “merci” for thank you (MARE-CEE) and “s’il vous plaît for please (SEE-VOO-PLAY)

Okay, now that we’ve got that little French lesson out of the way, back to Marquis and Bianca.

First off, what a stunning couple! I adored Bianca’s gown, in an absolutely gorgeous and radiant color. She looked just amazing and I loved her heels too, which were quite ornate and very pretty. Marquis knows how to wear a suit, in fact, I asked him if he worked on Wall Street (he doesn’t). They told me they really like New York, and like to go to restaurants and events as well as travel.

I showed them all around my favorite spots for a romantic couples photo session at Trocadero, incorporating bits of greenery when possible. This warm early June day was incredibly busy with photo shoots, and made it very challenging, as we had to wait quite a bit, but Marquis and Bianca were very cool about it. Just a word of advice, if you come to Paris in high season, just be a little patient as things sometimes take a bit longer.

One of my favorite things about being a couples photographer in Paris is that I get to see love firsthand and capture it through my lens. The world is filled with so much hate and doom and gloom all the time, or at least that’s what the news wants us to believe. For me it is life affirming to see these beautiful couples coming to Paris together to enjoy it and capture their loving emotions so that they can treasure them forever.

I cannot thank Marquis and Bianca enough for spending a bit of their Paris morning with me. It was an absolute pleasure and I hope someday to see them again in Paris or New York.

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