Romantic Paris photo shoot ideas to capture your big moment

June 3, 2020

Romantic Paris Photo Shoot Ideas to Capture Your Big Moment

The idea of a surprise proposal or destination wedding is dreamy, especially in the romantic city of Paris. Commonly referred to as the “city of love”, Paris captures the hearts of many lovestruck couples for its beauty and glamorous allure. Once you’ve met “The One” and have the perfect ring, it’s time to start thinking of Paris photo shoot ideas to capture the big moment.

Whether you’re just starting the engagement adventure or officially tying the knot, Paris is the ideal romantic destination. Astounding views and cute cobblestone alley ways create the most picturesque settings for an engagement or wedding photo shoot.

Here are some of the most romantic Paris photo shoot ideas for your surprise proposal or destination wedding in the city of love.

1.  Luxembourg Gardens

The Luxembourg Gardens and the Medici Fountain are a beloved location for photo sessions other than the Eiffel Tower. The blooming gardens and historic artwork lend themselves to beautifully romantic moments in a more intimate setting. The gardens create a wispy, fairytale experience that shines through in photos. In a city filled with impressive structures, the Medici Fountain is commonly regarded as one of the most beautiful fountains in all of Paris. Since Luxembourg Gardens is filled with evergreen plants, you’re guaranteed to have a pretty green backdrop at any time of the year. It’s one of many wonderful Paris photo shoot ideas.

2.  Trocadero View Point

On that same note though, this wouldn’t be a list of the most romantic Paris photo shoot ideas if we didn’t include the Eiffel Tower at least a couple of times. Many tourists flock to France just to capture a view of this famous Parisian landmark. While it may be considered “cliche” by some, it’s beautifully famous for a reason and it’s hard to come away with pictures in Paris without including the Eiffel Tower in at least one. Trocadero is a large square that’s famous for its iconic view of the tower. Since it does get fairly crowded with tourists, early photo shoots are recommended and create beautiful sunrise sessions.

3.  Montmartre

Montmartre is a large hill in the northern part of the city renowned for its beautiful white Basilica and charming “old-time” village setting. The cobbled streets and narrow alleyways lend themselves to effortlessly alluring photos walking through the shops and small cafes. Since there is no view of the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre is the ideal hideaway spot when you’re trying to escape all the crowds. This neighborhood is known for its chic artsy vibes with artists spilling into the streets capturing its beauty for a true Parisian experience.

4.  Eiffel Tower Pont Bir Hakeim Bridge

The Pont Bir Hakeim Bridge crosses over the River Seine and is commonly touted as one of the most beautiful bridges of Paris. As you’re looking out over the water with your loved one, this historic bridge creates a lovely romantic opportunity for a Paris photo shoot idea. The intricate designs in the construction of the bridge lend themselves to a beautiful background for photos as well.

5.  Louvre Museum and Tuileries Gardens

Between the beautifully designed Louvre Museum and the whimsical Tuileries Gardens located nearby, you can’t go wrong with capturing your big moment in this location. The beautiful Tuileries Gardens are bursting with life with flowers and endless amounts of evergreen lawn directly in the middle of bustling Paris. The backdrop of the royal Louvre museum, formerly a Parisian palace, creates beautiful and unique photo opportunities for a different style other than the Eiffel Tower view. At night, the Louvre Museum’s glass entryway is lit up golden for incredible night photography as well.

6.  Eiffel Tower Riverside

This riverside location boasts one of the most complete views of the Eiffel Tower. It also includes the beautiful Seine River creating stunning photo backgrounds for any occasion. Unlike many vantage points of the tower, this location is a little more private and quiet for a more intimate Paris photo shoot idea. The riverside location also adds to the romance as the popular river cruise boats steam down the river playing music to set the tone.

Paris Photo Shoot Ideas for Any Occasion

Thousands of couples every year are entranced at the idea of having their big moment in Paris for good reason. The natural beauty of this city poses the opportunity for astounding photo sessions in any location you choose. These six destinations are just a few of the many romantic photo shoot ideas that you can discover with a trip to the famous city of love.

When you’re ready to take that next step and looking for someone to capture your special moment, Picture Me Paris is here to capture the perfect session creating memories to last a lifetime.