Romantic newlywed photo session at sunrise in Paris

Eiffel Tower

Romantic newlywed photo session at sunrise in Paris

Romantic newlywed photo session at sunrise in Paris. What could be more memorable than a romantic newlywed photo session at sunrise in Paris? These lovebirds from the United States shined like no other on this amazing Paris morning.

Donald and Sarah were married just a month before, and they’re perfect for each other, and perfectly in sync. You could see it in the way they related to each other, the way they laughed with each other, and looked into each other’s eyes. As you can see, Sarah wore a stunning white gown, which highlighted her gorgeous auburn hair. Donald himself looked mighty handsome in his suit.

The newlyweds wanted to commemorate their marriage with a sunrise photo session at the most famous symbol of love in the world, the Eiffel Tower. We were blessed with a gorgeous morning and the sunrise did not disappoint! Being that this was July, and just after the Fête National (aka Bastille Day), there were still remnants of the launching station for the fireworks at Trocadero. No worries, though, because we were able to go to so many other spots with amazing views of the Eiffel Tower. Full on views, and peek-a-boo views, for a wide variety of images and looks.

This couple knew how to dance too! They dipped, did an amazing lift, and of course, kissed. What’s a honeymoon in Paris without some romantic kisses?

Donald used to live in Paris, so he was very familiar with all of our locations, and he’s teaching French as well. I should have asked him for some pointers, as yes I live here, but it’s an international city and honestly, I speak more English here than French!

I was so happy for this beautiful couple, their marriage will be a strong and happy one and I hope they cherish this special sunrise morning at the Eiffel Tower forever.

Are you honeymooning in Paris? I’d be thrilled to capture your honeymoon in Paris with images to treasure your whole lives!

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