Romantic Latin Quarter couples photo session in Paris

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Romantic Latin Quarter couples photo session in Paris

This was such a romantic Latin Quarter couples photo session in Paris! When Andrew contacted me, he told me he and his wife Michelle were looking for an authentic Parisian photo shoot experience. While we did eventually also photograph at the Eiffel Tower, we spent the majority of our time in the areas around Note Dame Cathedral, on the island of St. Louis. I've mentioned many times how much I love this neighborhood. It feels authentically Parisian, as Andrew suggested.

After living in Paris now four years full-time, and paying bills, going to the market, doing laundry, and all the other mundane tasks of life, I wonder sometimes if the charm and sheen of a glossy Paris has been lost on me, as I live the reality of being a resident now and not a visitor. But all it takes is one visit back to a charming area like this neighborhood, and you'll see that indeed, the charm of Paris that we've seen so long in the movies and in books, does indeed, still exist.

We set upon a plan to capture Andrew and Michelle enjoying the beauty and architecture of Paris, in this most quaint village-like part of town.

Notre Dame in early morning

I'm not a morning person, and Andrew and Michelle said they weren't either. In fact, they'd been up the night before late enjoying all the World Cup festivities, as France beat Belgium to make it to the FIFA World Cup Final. While it's difficult to get up in the morning, it's so worth it. We had the Notre Dame area to ourselves. At this time in the morning the gardens haven't opened yet, but no worries, as we made our way along the Seine River and also popped into the neighborhood for some peaceful, quiet and romantic shots with some of the cute restaurants and stores, and of course, cobblestones.

Tour guide

As this was Andrew and Michelle's first time to Paris, I pointed out all of my favorite spots and shared some of the history I know. They were very appreciative, and I had so much fun sharing this information about Paris. What a sharp couple, Michelle looked so radiant in her blue and white dress, adorned with feminine and fun sleeves. Andrew was also dressed impeccably, and the two of them together set against the backdrop of Paris were magic. They live in New Jersey and have been married two years. They had an amazing energy and spirit and really enjoyed seeing Paris in the quiet morning hours, before the tourists hit the pavement.

A final stop in the Marais

One of the most charming neighborhoods in Paris is across the river from Notre Dame, and it's called the Marais. Marais means "marsh" in French, and this whole area was indeed a marsh, but was filled in many years ago. In this neighborhood you'll also find quaint cobblestone streets that are very narrow, as well as some half-timbered homes that date back to medieval times.

It was such a pleasure to spend these two hours with Andrew and Michelle, I had so much fun and really didn't want the day to end!

If you're interested in learning more about romantic couples photography in Paris, I'd love to work with you!


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