Romantic honeymoon photo session in the Latin Quarter in Paris

Notre Dame

They don't call it the city of romance for nothing!

Can you image yourself here, walking hand in hand with the one you love, celebrating your honeymoon in Paris? Paris is such a wonderful and magical place, with its elegant architecture, monuments, and parks. I was thrilled to capture Kathleen and Eddie here, visiting Paris from Dallas, for their honeymoon photo session.

Kathleen selected the Notre Dame/Latin Quarter area of the city for their honeymoon session, because she had lived in Paris as a student, and this area brought back really great memories for her, that she wanted to share with her husband Eddie.

One of the most charming areas of Paris

The Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the oldest and most beloved gothic cathedrals in Europe. At over 1,000 years old, one cannot believe that it has existed that long and been through so much in history. Did you know it was even an active place during World War II? Now, it is one of the most visited cathedrals in France and the world, and its beauty has definitely stood the test of time. Situated on an island, the cathedral is surrounded by the Seine river, and it has a really calming and peaceful feel.

The cobblestone streets of the neighborhood surrounding, make for a perfect "typically charming" Parisian atmosphere, that so many people are really looking for and cannot be found at the Eiffel Tower.

If you book a Diamond photo session, which is two hours, you have time to go to both the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. For Kathleen and Eddie's photo session, they were really looking for something a bit more charming and quaint.

Did I tell you I love you?

I've said it many times, this is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris, and I absolutely love photographing couples here. Kathleen and Eddie were so fun and so kind. They were up for anything, and during the hour we spent together I felt like we'd known each other a long time. It's also great to have a few laughs and it's often fun to compare life stories and how life varies between the United States and France. For me, it's always fun to hear the news and latest from back in my original home country, and I like to share my life stories of living in Paris as well. 

How fortunate am I to have the opportunity to meet people like Kathleen and Eddie and enjoy a gorgeous summer day on the Ile St Louis in Paris?

Beautiful wishes for a happy and joyful marriage!

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