Pure elegance Paris photo shoot

Eiffel Tower, Paris Engagement

Sheer elegance with the Eiffel Tower at the backdrop

Cherlyn and Mark are a stunning couple, no doubt about it. She, dressed in an elegant black gown, and he in an amazing black suit. I was so impressed not only with how beautiful they looked, but also by how fun and kind they were. What a fantastic morning at the Eiffel Tower!

A couples photo shoot in Paris is a great idea!

Before I moved to Paris, I had no idea Paris photography was a “thing”. What do I mean by this? Well, on any given day, the Trocadero area of the Eiffel Tower resembles a runway. Photographers aplenty, and couples everywhere, being professionally photographed. Some are for pre-wedding photography, but most are celebrating honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays or engagements. I used to tell people I was a professional photographer in Paris and the response was, “Oh so you do weddings?”

Well, yes, but I also photograph people in love. The looks on people’s faces were always confused. “You mean you just take pictures of people at the Eiffel Tower”?

Yes, it’s a thing. A fun thing! And something many people do to commemorate not only their time in Paris with a fun memory, but to CELEBRATE. To celebrate a special occasion, or to celebrate life in general.

I am extremely blessed that I get to be a positive part of a couple’s time in Paris, if even for a short time. I enjoy ever single moment of it.

Trocadero, like the back of my hand

I was not gifted with patience. I’m an extremely impatient person and I don’t like to copy in the footsteps of others. That said, there’s only so many places at the Eiffel Tower to photograph that are new and original, but I’m scouring them daily, and if often depends on the season. In summer, I like to use the frame of the trees around the Eiffel Tower and I’m in love with the spraying water of the fountains. I think the droplets lend a dream-like quality.

In the spring, I’m ALL OVER the cherry blossoms, for the short time they last.

In the winter, it’s tougher. It’s stark, but luckily there’s some evergreen bushes at the Eiffel Tower to photograph. In winter, the most important thing is to wear bright and colorful clothing—a scarf, gloves, or colorful hat.

But none of that this day. We had bright sunshine and a glamorous couple in love, I could not ask for me!

Check out Cherlyn and Mark’s dreamy Eiffel Tower photo experience!

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