Why you should print your Picture Me Paris photos


Why you should print your Picture Me Paris photos

Why you should print your Picture Me Paris photos. Whatever happened to displaying art?

When clients contact me they usually ask for digital photos. After all, that’s the way of the world, digital photos, and it’s what most every other photographer in the world is offering. I get it, we live in a digital age. I love digital photos. I love that I can take my photos wherever I am and look at them on my phone or my tablet. It’s so convenient. I travel all over the world. One time I went to Africa on a safari and I got a strange idea. Maybe I should make a nice big photo book of my travels there. So I did, I have a gorgeous coffee book table of my African safari and it’s one of my most prized possessions. I love looking through it. Then I started making prints for my walls. There’s practically nothing that makes me happier than seeing my photographs on the wall.

Guess what, you deserve to be on your walls!

As awesome as digital photos are, after all, you can share them with family and friends far and wide, there is something so wonderful about having a physical print or album in your hand. The colors, the textures–everything about them is wonderful! So my advice is, don’t just save your digitals and look at them once in a while.

Create beautiful artwork that you’ll see every day and enjoy, a wonderful remembrance of your time in Paris with the person you love. When you book a Picture Me Paris photo session, you’ll be given access to an online gallery. Through your gallery you can create canvas prints, prints with and without frames, and much, much more. Anything ordered in the gallery is fulfilled with one of my professional labs around the world, to ensure you have the very best product. I guarantee every single piece of artwork that’s created. I create images in high resolution, you can’t believe how beautiful and rich the colors are when you print your Picture Me Paris artwork.

I highly encourage you to print something, you’ll be so glad you did! I’m here to help you also any way that I can! But before you can print artwork, you need to book your Picture Me Paris photo session! What are you waiting for, it’s fun and memorable and I can’t wait to meet you!

If you haven’t booked a photo session with Picture Me Paris, I’m here waiting for you. 🙂



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