How to plan a beautiful vow renewal in Paris

September 5, 2019

How to plan a beautiful vow renewal in Paris

How to plan a beautiful vow renewal in Paris. For many years, Paris has been considered the capital of love and romance, and as an American vow renewal and wedding photographer living in Paris, I can honestly say that Paris lives up to the hype. It indeed is romantic, and it is beautiful. Even after living here for the last five years full-time and coming to Paris since I was a teenager, I constantly see new and beautiful things in Paris. It’s the absolute perfect place for a vow renewal!

Vow renewals are having a major comeback. Years ago, my mother encouraged my grandparents to renew their vows at the church in which they were married for their 40th anniversary. My grandparents had their original wedding party present, and all of their friends and family surrounding them. After the ceremony at the church, we returned to their home for a barbecue outdoor party and wedding cake. It was a very special day for my grandparents, and you don’t have to wait 40 years to renew your vows, either. Some couples I’ve worked with in Paris are renewing their vows at 5 years, 10 years, and of course 25 years, but it’s individual to each couple.

Why a vow renewal in Paris?

If you’re coming to Paris with your spouse you already know a few things, First, you’re going to see some beautiful monuments, maybe visit a museum or two and take a pretty walk along the river. Second, you’re going to have some delicious dinners. Third, you’re going to maybe do some Parisian shopping. Whether it’s a new scarf or a pair of Christian Loubatin shoes. Paris is dynamite for shoppers.

But what about carving out a few hours of your stay in Paris to re-connect and renew your vows? How does that even work? Is it complicated? How do you find the vendors. I understand that for most couples, getting married the first time was complicated enough, no one wants to have a complicated vow renewal in Paris!

The good news is, you’re here! You found me! I’m going to help you plan a beautiful vow renewal in Paris!

Let’s start with officiants and celebrants, that seems like a good place to start!

Officiants and celebrants

Start by deciding if you would like an officiant or celebrant for your ceremony. Officiants and celebrants in Paris add a beautiful dimension to your vow renewal, because they take the time to get to know you, and incorporate personal anecdotes and emotions into your ceremony. Some also include faith-based scripture and Bible passages. The beauty of it is, you can design your own ceremony, or have your officiant or celebrant help you design it. I’ve worked with a number of great officiants in Paris, all of them speak fluent English and are incredibly helpful in designing a vow renewal ceremony. Vow renewal ceremonies can last as little or long as you like, from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. Many officiants also provide services like official certificates, champagne toasts, and even coordinate musicians, like a violinist, and flowers too.

officiant speaks at paris vow renewal with view of eiffel tower

DIY Vows

Some couples decide that they prefer to have their vow renewal ceremony in Paris with just the two of them and no officiant present. There’s some wonderful artisans on Etsy who craft beautiful vow renewal books that are perfect for your Paris vow renewal. You can write in them in advance and recite your vows to each other with a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower or another pretty Paris location.

Paris Locations for your vow renewal

Now, this one is fun. What kind of location do you dream of for your Paris vow renewal? Would you like a view of the Eiffel Tower? There are beautiful spots in the Trocadero gardens, or my personal favorite, the river side. Maybe you’d like something a bit different. How about a view of the Louvre Museum from the Tuileries Gardens? The possibilities really are endless in Paris. Not quite sure? No worries, I can help you!

violinist plays at wedding in paris

What will you wear?

Many couples love to wear their original wedding clothing. It gives them special meaning to wear a gown that meant so much to them on their original wedding day. Still, others prefer a lovely dress or pantsuit for their Paris vow renewal. You should dress in whatever way makes you feel comfortable and happy. For some, that’s their original wedding attire, for other couples it’s a whole new wardrobe.

So you’ve decided that you may like an officiant, and that a garden view of the Eiffel Tower may be nice, and you’ll wear a long gown you’ll go shopping for. What’s next?

The Photographer!

Capturing your vow renewal is absolutely key, because it’s not every day you’re in Paris, and it’s not every day you have this time together with no distractions to focus on each other and re-commit to the one you love. A professional Paris photographer, preferably one that speaks English as their native language or very good English, is a wonderful addition to your Paris vow renewal. In my work as a Paris vow renewal photographer, I capture the vow renewal ceremony for my clients, and then we spend a few hours’ in some exquisite Paris locations to capture your love in images and we have a lot of fun too. I’ll show you some great spots you may not know of, and typically we wind down with a coffee or champagne toast at a beautiful Paris cafe.

The photographs I create for my vow renewal clients have a lot of variety and are ready to view online within just a few days’ time. From there, clients can download the digital files to share with family and friends on Facebook and Instagram, and order beautiful wall art or albums of their Paris vow renewal. This artwork really becomes a treasured family heirloom.

As a Paris vow renewal photographer, I also like to connect my couples with other professionals (like makeup artists, officiants etc) to make their vow renewal day in Paris simply spectacular.

A makeup artist will give you the pampering you deserve and make you feel fantastic.

If you love the idea of renewing your vows in Paris, please do reach out and have a look at vow renewals in Paris here.

I’m here to help you plan the perfect Paris vow renewal and I can’t wait to meet you in Paris!

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