Plaid and a beret fun engagement session at the Eiffel Tower

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Plaid and a beret fun engagement session at the Eiffel Tower

Plaid and a beret fun engagement session at the Eiffel Tower. My first thought when I arrived at Eiffel Tower Trocadero was, wow, I made it. My second thought was, what a cute couple for this Paris engagement session at the Eiffel Tower!

I had walked from my home across town to Trocadero due to the ongoing transit strike in Paris. I’ve been doing a lot of that recently. With most of the metro lines shut down and a premium on taxis and Uber, you’ve got a couple of choices. Scooter, bicycle, or feet. I love cycling but not with my camera equipment, I’m too klutzy for that. So, the feet it is.

I’m a marathon runner, or I was. I’ve run 21 marathons (26.2 miles/42km), including two Boston Marathons, and trained intensely for 11 years for those marathons. The distance between my home and the Trocadero area of the Eiffel Tower is 7.1 km, or 4.34 miles. Big deal, I used to run 4 miles on my rest days, and on days I still run, I run 5-6 miles. But walking 4 miles versus running 4 mies is a whole different ball game. You’re using different muscles, it takes so much longer, and I’m not a patient person. Add the December chill, a sprinkle of rain, and just a bit of fatigue and it makes for a long day. But my clients are more important to me, and I need the exercise anyway, so let’s go feet! Plus, there’s some side benefits of walking home. In the morning, walking along the river, I saw the sun come up over Paris. It was gorgeous.

Walking home in the evening, the Christmas lights are twinkling, not to mention the Eiffel Tower. Everything looks different at night, more glossy, more sophisticated, and I love it. It’s such a great city to be a professional photographer.

By the time I reached Trocadero this morning, I was a bit tired, as I’m not much of a morning person (okay, I’m not a morning person AT ALL), but I was so glad to meet Destinee and her fiancé John-Peter. They looked cute as can be in their plaid complimentary outfits and Destinee’s beret was SO CUTE. It’s such a timeless and adorable look, I only wish I could pull that off.

Destinee and John-Peter are newly engaged. He proposed to her during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York. Is that romantic or what? Now in Paris on a pre-Christmas holiday, they wanted to capture their engagement with some images with the Eiffel Tower. Destinee asked me ahead of time to make sure to capture the engagement ring, and I was happy to do so, it is stunning! Despite the cold weather (it was still in the 30sF), Destinee and John-Peter were in great spirits and I found them so interesting, that we began chatting away about a variety of topics, including our work, our travels and comparing New York and Paris. They were so easy going and fun to chat with that I didn’t want our time to end!

Yes, I’m an introvert, an extreme introvert, actually, but I can be a chatty one! I’ve also mastered the art of chatting and photographing people. The thing is, I want my clients to feel comfortable, I want them to have fun and just be themselves, and I want them to feel welcomed. This couple was truly stunning and total naturals in front of the camera, most of us are not, but it was a joy to photograph them. Especially with the newly erected flocked Christmas trees in front of the carousel. It was such a fun engagement session at the Eiffel Tower!

My best to Destinee and John-Paul for a life filled with abundant joy!

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