Photographing the photographer at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Photographs for Americans Visiting Paris

Photographing the photographer at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Photographing the photographer at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I’ll admit, when another photographer hires me to photograph them in Paris, two emotions come over me.

The first, fear.

The second, gratitude.

Let’s talk about the fear for a minute. It is a fearful thing when a professional photographer from the United States hires you to photograph them professionally in Paris. Why? Because you want to make sure you meet their expectations, that they like your final work, and that they’re not too critical of themselves. It’s very difficult for most professional photographers to be in front of the camera, when they’re used to being in front of it. Will they appreciate my style or want to change it, will they protest the poses I suggest? All of these are fearful (if unfounded most of the time) thoughts that go through my mind.

The second emotion is gratitude. That a professional photographer, someone who knows the profession and does it themselves, selects you to capture their precious Paris memories. It really makes a person feel good! As a professional photographer in Paris specializing in couples portraits, it just makes me so happy.

As it turns out, I had absolutely nothing to fear and everything for which to be grateful during this session with Jen and her husband Matt. Married just a year and a half, this dynamic couple was not only cute as can be, and so in love, but so incredibly nice, warm and friendly! They hail from upper Michigan, and full well know my former life as a Minnesotan, dealing with cold weather much of the year. As it turns out, Jen and Matt love to travel to warm climes, just like I do. Matt was on a business trip and Jen joined him, and they were traveling around France, then some time in Paris, and finally a trip to Amsterdam. That’s one of the most awesome things about visiting Paris, the train system is magnificent here and you can travel all kinds of cool places.

Jen studied photography in college and had specialized in weddings, but had done all kinds of photography before taking a hiatus some years’ back. She was a dream to pose, and while Jen told me Matt disliked having his photo taken (like most guys I know), he actually didn’t mind so much. I know photo taking can be a drag, mostly for the guys, but some women don’t love it either. But hey, you’re in Paris, and getting iconic shots with the Eiffel Tower is something you really don’t want to pass up. I had fun not only photographing Jen and Matt but chatting with them too about everything under the sun.

I absolutely loved Jen’s autumn wardrobe choice! It was a bit nippy in the morning at the Eiffel Tower, 42 degrees F, but she wore the cutest outfit with autumn boots and a charming-as-can-be beret. It helps that she’s also beautiful, but her outfit was absolutely perfect for a chilly Parisian day.

We started our couples photo session at the Trocadero area of the Eiffel Tower, but the fun didn’t end there. We took advantage of the remaining fall leaves in mid-November, and then popped nearby to Avenue Camoens for what I think is the most beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. Then, headed to the river (I’m a Pisces, I can’t go a day without being near water), a gorgeous blue door caught my eye, so naturally we had to stop there. Then, onto the river side and a finale on the Passarelle Debilly, and it was a wrap!

I hated to see them go, but Jen and Matt had a train to catch. I sure hope I have the good fortune to photograph them again in Paris, or anywhere!

If you’re coming to Paris and would love a fun (and painless) memory of your time in this grand town, hit me up here!

À bientôt!







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