Paris snowy photo session

Eiffel Tower, Louvre

A while back I was contacted by a friendly lady from South Carolina named Kendra. She told me that she and her partner were coming to Paris for the first time in mid-February, and she hoped that there would be snow.



I ever-so-smartly replied to Kendra that we hadn't had snow in Paris in the four years I'd lived here, and before that, I don't know when there was sticking snow. One thing's for sure, it's a rarity. Rain, yes, snow no.

But Kendra must have had ESP or something, because shortly before she and Chris arrived, there was snow, and a decent amount of it! When I met this friendly pair at Trocadero, at the Eiffel Tower, Kendra reminded me that she had brought the snow with her (or maybe she willed it to happen). In any case, there is still a bit of snow on the ground, and this can only mean two things.



Ice? Yes, the sun is getting warmer and melts a bit of the snow, which then refreezes overnight, turning most of the streets and walkways into ice rinks. Then again, the Olympics are going on in South Korea, so why not grab the ice skates and pretend to be an Olympian.

I jest. But the second part, fun, I don't kid. The bright blue sky and snow made for some creative opportunities I don't often get in Paris. In fact, the sun was so blinding, it was bouncing right off the Eiffel Tower and even with a filter on my camera, it was impossible to avoid lens flare from the sun.

Kendra and Chris are a really nice, laid back couple. I enjoyed showing them the sights as we passed by, and they were up for anything. Kendra's red coat was also the perfect pop of color on a winter's day.

I had so much fun with this couple, and I'm so glad to have spent my morning with them. 

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