Paris engagement session at sunrise at the Eiffel Tower

August 31, 2019

Paris engagement photo session at sunrise at the Eiffel Tower

How lucky am I to be a Paris engagement photographer? Not only do I get to photograph the Eiffel Tower it all its glory at sunrise, no less, but I get to work with drop dead gorgeous couples like Samantha and Henley! This super kind and (obviously) photogenic couple were visiting Paris from Nashville, Tennessee to celebrate their recent engagement. Paris is a really elegant city and the more you dress up, the better your engagement photos will look. Samantha planned her wardrobe perfectly, choosing a berry colored gown, which swished and flowed as she walked, for her engagement photos. With the help of her wonderful friend, her makeup was flawless and look at her hair! The first words out of my mouth I believe were raven haired beauty. Her hair was to die for, the kind of thick and gorgeous hair I’ve always but never could achieve until I wore extensions for awhile. But Samantha’s hair was all hers, and styled just perfectly with her dress for her Paris engagement photo session.

Henley is no amateur in the dressing department either! He was cooly elegant and handsome and his best accessory? Other than Samantha on his arm? Well, his smile of course! His smile could light the Eiffel Tower. The two of them together created even more electricity. Did I mention how fun this Paris engagement photo session was?

Sunrise or sunset, which is best?

I’m not a morning person, so Paris sunsets are my favorite, but they’re challenging to photograph due to the sheer number of tourists that are out and about later in the day. That’s why a photo shoot of any type, whether that be an engagement, honeymoon, anniversary or just because, is essential in the morning if the Eiffel Tower is your goal. I lost a few breaths when I saw the sun coming up on this perfect August day. The pinks filled the sky and it was almost like a canvas, that we used to paint our beautiful photos. Samantha and Henley were like models, pros in fact. Let’s be clear, none of my clients are models. And me? I’m about as awkward as it gets in front of the camera, which is why I stay behind it! But don’t think I don’t have compassion for my clients who I pose and direct and mold to create the most romantic and dreamy photos I can.

Wait, did someone say pose? Pose has become such a dirty word these days. I do love lifestyle photography, this would be an engagement session where maybe I’d come to your home. You’d cook a pizza together, or make chocolate chip cookies. Maybe you’d play a game of chess. These types of engagement photo sessions are fun and candid, almost like a documentary. But engaged couples coming to Paris really yearn for something more formal, more classic, and more romantic. With Paris monuments like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre in the photos, elegance is really the name of the game, and those types of photos require some direction, and yes, some posing.

But fear not! If you hate posing, it’s because you maybe don’t feel comfortable. It’s natural to feel a bit uncomfortable, I mean, most of us don’t walk the runway, we’re not used to this, it’s not naturally fun for most people. That’s why I have a plan, I have a direction, and I do my very best to make you feel comfortable, make you laugh, but more importantly get to know you as people. What do you enjoy doing together? How did you meet? What’s your favorite thing in Paris so far? Samantha and Henley were so kind and so open, I was able to take them all around Trocadero for sunrise magic. From there, we went to my favorite neighborhoods with a peek-a-boo view of the Eiffel Tower, Avenue Camoens. In addition to the Eiffel Tower view, the architecture is really something here.

From there, we waled down to the second most beautiful bridge in Paris (the first is Pont Alexandre, if you ask me), the Bir Hakeim bridge. The delicate ironwork of this bridge complements the ironwork of the Eiffel Tower itself, and when the sun comes up and streams light through, it can bring this English speaking Paris photographer almost to tears!

The Seine River

I wrapped up my engagement session with Samantha and Henley with my favorite Eiffel Tower riverside location. Especially in the morning, it’s a real treat. Calm and relaxing, here I capture couples walking hand in hand over the charming cobblestone streets. All with an unparalleled view of the Eiffel Tower. So close, you almost feel like you can touch it!

Thanks so much to Samantha and Henley for gracing me with their beauty (inside and out), their kindness, and their true love which was obvious in every frame (look at how they look at each other!0. My very best wishes to you both for a long and gorgeous marriage!

For those of you planning your very own Paris engagement photo session, I offer several packages tailor made for couples in love. You can check those out here.

See you in Paris!


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