I had been feeling a little blue of late. Yes, even living in Paris can cause one to be blue. Why? Well, unbeknownst to many, Paris, in addition to being known as the “City of Light” is also the “City of Floods”.

Yes, being a homeowner anywhere has its trials and tribulations, even in Paris. The pipes are so old in the buildings here that they break frequently, flooding apartments and then pitting the neighbors against each other as to whose fault it is and who is going to pay for the damage. They say that you’re not a “real” Parisian until this has happened to you.

Count me as a real Parisian! When not ducking from the water spurting out of my light fixture, I was on the phone to the building manager, the owner above, and generally feeling crappy about the situation.

Until, the morning I met Patrick and Penny. This lovely couple from the United States told me they hadn’t been photographed in years, and they took the occasion of visiting and enjoying Paris to book a session with me. Patrick found me on Facebook and said he thought I seemed nice (I hope he still thinks so)!

And just like that, even on a cloudy day at the Eiffel Tower, the sun shined on me in the form of Patrick and Penny. Instead of feeling sad that my apartment is in shambles, I felt thankful that I had the good fortune to meet Patrick and Penny, photograph them, and be surrounded by their positive and loving energy. 

They really saved me. This is what many of my clients don’t realize. I’m here to serve them, but then in turn serve me. By inviting me into a portion of their time in Paris, I have the opportunity to meet amazing people, share some laughs and tell some Paris stories.

And, then even if things aren’t all rosy, like one wants them to be living in Paris, there is some sun in my life and I feel better. 

I enjoyed meeting Patrick and Penny so much! Look how gorgeous they are!

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