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Engagement photo session all around Paris

Anna and Frank are engaged, and deeply in love. The way they look at each other, and their smiles—absolutely priceless. I had the honor to meet them recently in Paris for a two-hour engagement session, capturing their love and happiness in some of the most beautiful parts of Paris. As a Paris engagement photographer, I specialize in immortalizing this special time in a couple’s life. After all, how often are you in Paris? These images will be treasured heirlooms and passed down through the generations.

I can just hear children now, “Look at how pretty mom and dad were in Paris!”

You can’t have a Paris engagement session without photographs at the symbol of romance, the Eiffel Tower. So, naturally, we began our photo shoot there. I loved the natural interaction between Anna and Frank, and their laughter.

To the Louvre we go!

After we completed the Eiffel Tower portion of our photo session, we hopped in a taxi for a mini tour of Paris and stopped at the most visited museum in the world, the Louvre. Its courtyard and pyramids are a classy and elegant place for a Paris engagement shoot. We also went next door to the magnificent Tuileries Gardens.

I’m a summer girl. Love summer more than anything, but I could not resist the gorgeous early leaves that had dropped to the ground, signaling the arrival of autumn, and I asked Anna and Frank if they minded if I photographed them with the fall/late summer leaves. They happily obliged, and they’re my absolute favorite images from their engagement shoot!

Paris is always a good idea for an engagement shoot

There are so many beautiful places to have engagement photos on this planet, to be sure! But as cities go, I can’t think of a better place for engagement photos than Paris. It has so much variety and is so elegant, I’m so happy to have captured Anna and Frank in the City of Love!

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couple in red dress and blue suit pose on stone steps near eiffel tower
couple poses next to the eiffel tower in blue suit and red dress
couple sits on bench in front of stone building in paris
couple takes wedding pictures near stone columns in france
couple in red dress and blue suit pose in front of fountains in paris
red dress and blue suit near the Grand Palais in france
red dress and blue suit in paris park
engagement pictures underneath stone archways in france
red dress and blue suit near iron lamp posts in france
blue suit and red dress walk path lined with green trees
couple poses in paris park for wedding pictures
couple poses for engagement pictures while lined by large trees
couple in red dress and blue suit post in french park next to green trees
couple poses for picture next to stone statue
red dress and blue suit and red tie near stone architecture in paris
red dress and blue suit on green park bench
couple poses in front of ferris wheel for engagement picture
engagement pose next to large planter
couple poses in green chairs for engagment pictures
couple poses on carnival rides for engagement pictures
couple in red dress and blue suit pose near eiffel tower in paris
engagement pictures while looking at the eiffel tower


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