New love couples photo session at the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

New love couples photo session at the Eiffel Tower

New love couples photo session at the Eiffel Tower, aaah. Do you remember the early days of your romance? For some of us, it’s difficult to remember those early days, but I was reminded of them recently when I met this amazing couple from the United States. Ryan and Ashley’s romance is fresh, but you’d never tell from the way they interact. With love and admiration, this couple was so beautiful to photograph and clearly, they turn heads wherever they go.

The first things I noticed about Ashley, well not the first thing, the first thing was her beautiful smile. But the second thing I noticed was her summery, feminine dress. I just loved it, and Ryan’s suit was a handsome shade of blue. The thing in Paris is, if you’re going to have a Parisian photo session, your images will look so much nicer if you dress up, just like Ryan and Ashley did.

I truly enjoyed taking this couple to some of my favorite spots with amazing views of the Eiffel Tower. All the way from Trocadero to the bridge of Bir Hakeim. The soft morning light filtered through the Eiffel Tower and onto them, and created some pretty dreamy images. Along the way, I enjoyed learning more about them, their work, and the places they lived. As I’ve been living in Paris full-time more than five years’, it’s always wonderful to get the scoop on what’s going on back in my home country of the United States from the perspective of those living there. I also love to share travel stories from cities in the United States and worldwide, and Ryan and Ashley shared that they also love to travel.

Honestly, as much as I adore photographing couples in love in Paris like Ryan and Ashley, what I almost love more is the opportunity to meet so many interesting people, learn about their stories, their travels, their work, their passions, and then compare notes and dish about Paris. It was a real honor to capture them together on their first trip to Paris and I sure hope to see them back in La Ville Lumière again!

If you’re coming to Paris to celebrate an anniversary, engagement, honeymoon or just because, let me capture your love to save! 

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