Magical sunrise couples anniversary photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Great energy and a beautiful sunrise

I arrived at the Trocadero area, with a great view looking over the Eiffel Tower, on this unusually mild and sunny morning to meet Martine and Shaun. This gorgeous couple from Colorado were in Paris celebrating their 10th anniversary.

You know that saying, Like a breath of fresh air? Well, that’e exactly what this couple was like. Super friendly, and kind, we began chatting and connecting right away. Maurine is an absolute beauty, with gorgeous eyes and really pretty hair, but it wasn’t just that about her—she has an inner beauty too, in the way she listens, the way she relates, and communicates, you know she really cares.

Shaun is a handsome, kind and loving person, and the two of them were great when I asked them how they met. On a plane! Their love story was really inspiring and I was so thankful they shared it with me. Really, I felt like I made two new amazing friends and had so much fun.

Beautiful vista

We met right as the sun was coming up, and what a stunning sight it was to see the sky turn shades of pink and that big ball of fire come up from the east. The light was great, and the love between Martine and Shaun made the light even better—they are very in love and have met THE ONE, you know, the person we always look for in life and hope to find.

To the river side

After we photographed at Trocadero, we took a jaunt across the street to the river side, one of my favorite places to photograph. Unfortunately, due to construction, the river side here was closed most of the spring and all of the summer, but now a little sliver is back open and I could not be more thrilled!

I also saw that there is a new restaurant riverside on one of the boats, Ducasse Paris. I can smell the delicious food they’re serving up each time I walk by the river! It’s a new river cruise, that is sure to delight!

I could not have had a nicer morning with Martine and Shaun, it’s what makes my life as a Paris photographer so great! Thanks to this great couple for their wonderful spirit and I hope to see them again!

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