A magical dusk to dark Paris surprise proposal

Surprise Proposal

A magical dusk to dark Paris surprise proposal

A magical dusk to dark Paris surprise proposal. As an English speaking photographer in Paris, I specialize in photographing couples. I love photographing engagements, honeymoons, anniversaries, “just because” sessions, and of course weddings, elopements and vow renewals.

But there’s one type of couples session that grabbed at my heart strings a few years’ ago and has never let go since. I’m talking about the surprise proposal.

A surprise proposal?

Isn’t that an engagement session?

No, not really.

A surprise proposal is when a couple comes to Paris on their vacation, and during this time, the man or woman wishes to propose to their significant other. Usually by getting on one knee, asking them for their hand in marriage and presenting a ring. It’s a specialty of mine and one that I’ve finely honed to give couples the very best experience ever. In fact, I have a whole web site devoted to Paris surprise proposals where I share tons of tips and couples can even book online!

I’d love to now share with you the story of Jonathan and Brooke. This surprise proposal turned out to be one of my favorites all year! That’s a tall order too, because I have so many favorites.

Brooke and Jonathan are from the United States, and they started out by booking a couples photo shoot before dinner in Paris. I never do Eiffel Tower photography in the evening because there’s just too many tourists around, and call me crazy, but who wants tourists in their surprise proposal photos? The point is to capture the moment between the couple. That said, in this case it worked out perfectly because Brooke hadn’t a clue.

Like it often is in autumn, it was a rainy day, with light showers, but they were prepared with clear umbrellas. In fact, the photos in the rain were quite romantic. Don’t you agree?

I could never be confused for a fashionista, that’s for sure, but as a visual artist, I sure love fashion and to see what my clients wear. Brooke was wearing one of my favorite colors, a dusty rose/pink dress that perfectly matched her red hair. Yes, it was chilly, but she was tough and braved it out. Jonathan looked handsome, but he gave nothing away, but I could see that inside he was bursting with excitement. He is such a bright and cheerful person, a true dream to work with!

The goal was to be nearer to the Eiffel Tower at dusk, when the lights come on. We were having so much fun, but it was getting near sunset, not that we’d see the sunset in the rain, but the light would be getting lower after 5:00 pm and soon thereafter the lights of the Eiffel Tower would come on. It was time to head to the riverside, my favorite spot for a relaxing Paris surprise proposal.

I instructed Jonathan and Brooke to turn toward the Eiffel Tower for a candid shot. This would be the cue Jonathan needed to turn back toward Brooke and ask her this most important question. Will you marry me? I was in the distance, trying to get the whole landscape in my viewfinder to tell the entire story of this Paris surprise proposal. But I could see from a distance that Brooke was really surprised as Jonathan got down on one knee, and overcome with emotion. I just love this!

Jonathan presented her with a rose gold engagement ring. It was pure magic! It really was!

Now time for some engagement photos! After the proposal we walked nearby to the bridge of Bir Hakeim, a tricky place to photograph during rush hour, but the patience it takes for photographs here is so worth it! When I look at these images I’m reminded for some reason of the movie LaLa Land. Have you seen that movie from a few years’ ago with dreamboat from The Notebook Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. The photos from the bridge with the Eiffel Tower illuminated remind me of a dancing scene in the movie. After capturing the magic at the bridge, I suggested going back to the river now that it was really dark and doing some romantic, shadowy photos.

The rain had created gorgeous reflections on the cobblestones and it was truly a magical night. I know that’s about the third time I’ve used the word magical, but it’s really true! If you are coming to Paris and would like to propose, or if you have friends or family that are, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

You and the one you love deserve memories like this! Check out my surprise proposal packages here, and make your Paris surprise proposal magical too!




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