Loving and charming expectant parents photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower

April 21, 2018

Loving and charming expectant parents photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower

Loving and charming expectant parents photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower. When I first approached John and Carmen when I arrived at the Eiffel Tower, I was stunned with how amazing they looked. Why stunned? Because it’s not so easy I realize to get ready so early in the morning for a Picture Me Paris photo session at the Eiffel Tower, I mean, I have it easy. I throw on some jeans, a t-shirt and my camera bag over my shoulder. They were dressed super sharp, in black, and as someone who loves dresses, I had to comment on how pretty Carmen’s dress was. They are visiting Paris from Detroit, Michigan, and being that I’m also from the Midwest, we had a lot in common.

Too much pizza?

Should I or shouldn’t I? It seemed Carmen had either a) eaten a lot of pizza the night before or, b) was expecting a baby. These are sensitive times, and I wanted to be careful, but indeed Carmen is seven months along, expecting her first baby and both she and John are excited for the birth. What better way to celebrate new life than with a pretty spring photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower?

Expectant parents

I really enjoy working with expectant parents. They have a sense of excitement in their eyes, for indeed, they’re going on a brand new adventure together, and their Paris photo shoot is one of the very last times they’ll be together as a couple, just the two of them, before the beautiful bundle arrives from the stork.

Posing a pregnant person is not always easy, I want to make sure that they feel as beautiful as they look, which isn’t easy when your center of gravity is off. But Carmen totally rocked it, she looked gorgeous in every frame. John, come to find out, used to do a bit of modeling. It wasn’t a surprise at all, as he was totally at ease in front of the camera.

Capturing the love

Many couples feel a little self conscious in front of the camera. They just aren’t used to it and feel a bit awkward. This wasn’t the case for John and Carmen, they were completely at ease. However, it’s my job as a photographer to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible, and often, I do this with laughter. I talk. A LOT. I ask about you, where you live, what you like to do, and I try to tell stories from time to time. Not in an effort to distract you, but in an effort to create a fun and non-intimidating environment. We’re just friends taking pictures, that’s all it really is. And we’re in Paris, how great is that?

Loving spring

Before the last cherry blossoms float off their trees at the Gardens of Trocadero, I have to take advantage of every little bit of the pink petals. John and Carmen looked amazing under the pink blooms! I admit I’m a bit obsessed with spring and cherry blossoms, but I think the results speak for themselves.

Next time with baby

I had so much fun with this couple, I can’t wait to see them back in Paris, the next time with their baby in tow!

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