Intimate honeymoon photo session in Paris at the Eiffel Tower

May 14, 2019

Intimate honeymoon photo session in Paris at the Eiffel Tower

Intimate honeymoon photo session in Paris at the Eiffel Tower. This dynamic couple from Jacksonville, Florida, were fresh off their destination wedding in Italy. Newlyweds are some of my very favorite couples to photograph, so full of love and energy and the excitement of the wedding. Elizabeth is in the field of dermatology and her husband Chris is a pharmacist. They were exceeding friendly and kind when met them on a chilly late spring morning at the Trocadero area of the Eiffel Tower. Chris looked handsome and Elizabeth was wearing a blush pink tulle skirt and black top. Her dark hair was perfectly styled and her makeup was perfection. I notice all these little details, and when I mentioned how beautiful she looked, Elizabeth told me she had her hair and makeup done by one of my favorite Paris makeup artists, who is originally from the United States, Joleen Emory. Joleen goes for a natural, beautiful look with every client she works with and Elizabeth looked beautiful and definitely photo ready, ready to celebrate her honeymoon with Chris.

When you’re looking through the lens, you see the very special features of a person. Not only as a photographer, but as a filmmaker or TV producer. I used to make my own documentaries and work in television also, so I really notice small details, or at least I try to. Some people have a very special, very undefinable characteristic. It’s also their aura. I kept thinking, who does Elizabeth sort of remind me of? I asked her if she knew who Priscilla Presley is. It’s a question I have to ask because some people aren’t all that familiar with Elvis and Priscilla, but she resembled Priscilla in her early years. Not only her makeup, which wasn’t heavy, but defined her eyes, but her cheekbones and facial features. Elizabeth said that she’d actually heard that before. I did like Elvis, but it was Priscilla I have always been fascinated with, because of her story. Meeting Elvis at such a young age, and being thrust into his Hollywood fast-lane world. A lot of people referred to Priscilla as a doll, and Elizabeth definitely had a beautiful doll-like quality to her.

Being that Elizabeth and Chris were already “in practice”, having had their gorgeous Italian wedding captured by Sarah-Jane Ethan, a destination wedding photographer from the UK, our photo session was absolutely effortless and flawless. We had beautiful morning light and there wasn’t much for me to do except capture these lovebirds in their natural state. They were so pretty together they made my heart melt. Love is wonderful!

Trocadero, a vintage car, and a café stop 

I have all of my favorite locations at Trocadero, which has an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower, and perfect for a Paris honeymoon photo session. I utilize several of the staircases, the greenery (when in season), the fountains also (when in season) and do a variety of shots standing and sitting, provided it hasn’t rained. We even had time to dart across the street for a few shots along the river. As we were doing so, something caught my eye. A vintage white car, don’t ask me what kind, as I know next to nothing about cars! I simply had to photograph them next to it! As we prepared the shot, a driver popped his head up and began wagging his finger, for no pictures. Where did he come from? He wasn’t there a minute ago! Plus, excuse me monsieur, but you can’t park a car like this in front of the Eiffel Tower and expect people not to photograph it. Soon after, he moved it to another location, not to be bothered with the likes of us.

The riverside was as usual calm and peaceful, I just love it here.

Our very last stop was to the Café Kléber, at Trocadero, for a coffee stop at a traditional Paris café and terrace. What could be more Parisian? Elizabeth and Chris ordered a croissant and two coffees and enjoyed the early morning sun. As I was photographing them, commuters were exiting the nearby metro station. Many of them, when they realized they were walking through my shot, either stopped to let me continue, or apologized. How nice is that? And Parisians have the reputation for being rude! Clearly, there is more to Parisians than meets the eye!

This was such a wonderful morning, I had so much capturing these images for Elizabeth and Chris. I wish them a joy filled marriage and hope to see them again one day in Paris!

How about you? Coming to Paris for your honeymoon? Let’s capture some images to treasure, Contact me here!


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