How to pose for your Paris photo session

June 7, 2020

How to pose for your Paris photo session

You’re coming to Paris and you’ve booked a Paris photo session, fantastic! Maybe you’re engaged and would love some beautiful Paris engagement photos. Or, maybe it’s your honeymoon, anniversary, a special birthday.

Or, maybe it’s none of these things, and you’d just love some gorgeous photos of you as a couple in Paris!

Paris is the most photogenic city in the world, and the very best place to create lasting, beautiful photo memories for couples of all ages and for all occasions.

Fear of posing for photographs

There’s a pretty common fear, and that’s posing for photographs. How to pose for your Paris photo session? It just doesn’t feel natural to pose, does it?

Now, these days you see so many people posing with style and ease on Instagram and other social networks, they make it look so easy, and natural, even.

I’m a photographer, and myself dislike being in front of the camera. I feel so self-conscious, and I know most of you do too, it’s a natural fear we have that we’ll look awkward and strange and waste our time and money, only at the end to not have any photographs we even like of ourselves.

Posing has actually become a bit of a dirty word to most people. It’s synonymous with fake and phony. Nothing could be farther from the truth though. You know how there’s these things called reality TV shows? How they’re not really, real, but rather, scripted?

It’s the same with romantic couples photography. Even those moments that look natural are actually posed, or at least suggested, but they’re done in such a natural way that they look effortless.

Still not convinced? Read on!

Tips for natural poses for your Paris photo session

1. First, relax

It sounds simple, but it can be tough. Make sure you get enough rest in the days before your Paris photo session so that the day of, you don’t feel super tired. Ensure that you’ve also had some fun in Paris as a couple before your photo session, maybe visiting the world famous Louvre Museum, for example. That way, by the time you get to your Paris photo session, you’ll have had a taste of Paris and will feel more relaxed.

Remember, the purpose of your Paris photo session is to not only capture some wonderful memories, but to have fun too!

2. Plan your perfect outfit

Nothing can make a person more anxious than not knowing what to wear for their Paris photo session. Have your outfits planned out in advance, and it’s best to not match exactly, but to take bits of color and blend them seamlessly. If you don’t have an outfit you love, you can even rent a dress or gown before you leave.

In the example below, Davina opted to go with a gorgeous red gown. Paris is the kind of town where you can get away with dressing up as much as you like and not looking out of place. You’ll see so many women wearing ball gowns for photo sessions in Paris, and it’s perfectly natural.

In fact, I’d highly recommend dressing up as much as you feel like, avoid t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, sneakers, and jeans. Paris is a town that is elegant and your photos will look so much nicer if you’re dressed up a little.

Davina’s red gown was powerful and beautiful, so Jache didn’t need to make a huge statement in his selection of clothing. A simple read tie connected the two and his suit was tailored and brought out his handsomeness.

Pay attention to your hair and makeup too. There are dozens of very talented hair and makeup artists who can professionally apply makeup for your Paris photo session, and I’ll be happy to recommend some.

You’ll be so much more relaxed with natural looking poses if you love what you’re wearing, how you look, and feel great!

3. Arrive early

The secret to a great Paris photo session and getting those natural looking poses is to arrive to the location early. Most couples meet at the Eiffel Tower, so it’s a great idea to book a taxi the day before to get to the meeting point on time and stress-free. The traffic is horrible in Paris, especially in the morning, so plan for a 40-60 minute commute, depending on where you’re staying in Paris.

The worst thing you can do is arrive late, flustered, and uncomfortable, you won’t be in any mood to create beautiful poses.

4. Practice your poses

This may sound really foolish, but you can practice posing ahead of time! Whether that’s in front of a camera or not, practice getting closer than you usually do, as you will be posed very close together. With couples, we don’t want to see a lot of distance or gaps between your bodies, so practice hugging, kissing, and embracing ahead of time!

The best poses for your Paris photo session

The key thing to know about your Paris photo session is that your photographer will give you tons of direction. I love to gently advise my clients on not only gorgeous couples photos, but also poses that will capture the grandeur of Paris itself, such as views of the Eiffel Tower.

Let’s take a look at the beautiful Paris photo session of Davina and Jache below.

First off, because this is Paris, the capital of romance, you’ll notice there’s a lot of kissing going on. Kissing doesn’t have to be on the lips to be beautiful, a kiss on the cheek, nose, forehead, even a kiss on the hand can be beautiful.

The other thing that’s beautiful, are tender whispers in the ear, or touching cheek to cheek.

I always like to get my clients dancing a little, even if you’re not dancers, the movement in photos is wonderful, and shows the joy of the day.

In addition to dancing, a dip, lift, or simply walking hand-in-hand are Paris photo session poses that are natural and have movement.

Other great poses are:

  • Leaning into each other, as if to tell a secret
  • Coming up behind your loved one
  • A gentle tickle or nuzzle on their neck or behind their ear
  • Laugh! Tell your loved one a joke or a secret
  • Look deep into your loved one’s eyes

So as you can see, there are many ways to pose for your Paris photo session. as your Paris photographer, I’ll help you get those iconic shots that you’ll want to print for your living room wall and it will be fun and painless, I promise!