Gorgeous engagement in the Latin Quarter in the wintertime

January 3, 2018

Gorgeous engagement in the Latin Quarter in the wintertime

Gorgeous engagement in the Latin Quarter in the wintertime. I was really thrilled to meet Tim and Erin. Not just because they’re a gorgeous newly engaged couple, but also because they wanted to do something a little different. They visited Paris in the wintertime. A lot of couples prefer to visit Paris in the spring, summer or autumn, but winter has a lot of benefits. First off, there’s fewer tourists in Paris in the winter. The whole city feels a little more calm and manageable, and while you have to often deal with rain, it’s usually really light and nothing some cute umbrella can’t solve! You can see here how Tim and Erin used umbrellas to add some color to the drab winter tones of Paris.

Tim and Erin wanted to capture the Eiffel Tower in some of their engagement photos, but as Erin had lived in Paris before, she wanted something a little different, and suggested the Luxembourg Gardens, in the Latin Quarter of Paris. You might ask yourself, how nice could it be to visit a Paris garden in winter?

Well, of course, there aren’t as many flowers. You may find some cold weather flowers in some beds, but no matter what, you’ll find some green of some sort, and green is beautiful.

I had an absolute blast roaming around the garden and nearby neighborhood with Tim and Erin. They were great sports, even in the rain, and were so fun to talk to. The fountain in the Luxembourg Gardens is a dream to photograph, even for this Paris engagement photographer. I’ve been to this fountain a lot, but I never tire of it!

Tim and Erin also had great love for each other, you could see it in their eyes. It’s always awesome to be in the presence of people who love each other and have such good energy!

Congratulations to them both on their Paris engagement, I can’t wait to see them back another time!

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