A fun and colorful Quinceañera photo session in Paris


A fun and colorful Quinceañera photo session in Paris

This was a super fun and colorful Quinceañera photo session in Paris! Last winter, I was contacted by Catherine, a super friendly lady living in New Jersey in the United States. Catherine and her family would be visiting Paris the following summer, and she inquired about a Quinceañera photo session for her daughter, Jocelyn. Jocelyn would be turning 15, and what better way to celebrate than with a fun photo session in Paris?

The morning of the Quinceañera photo session was really nice. It was July, which can be either warm or sometimes chilly. On this day we had mostly cloudy skies, which is great for a photo session, as it prevents squinting in the sun, and also creates a soft light. I met Catherine and Jocelyn at the Trocadero area of the Eiffel Tower, where we started our half day together. I loved both of them from the start and knew it would be a good day.

Jocelyn is 15, is a swimmer and loves to read. In fact, she brought along some of her favorite books for her Quinceañera photo session, which I absolutely loved. It was a very nice personal touch, and Quinceañera photo sessions in Paris should have a very personal touch. In addition, Jocelyn brought three outfits. The theme of her Quinceañera photo session in Paris was Belle, from Beauty & the Beast. Her hair was absolutely amazing, as was her makeup, styled by the very talented Charles Gillman, a well-known makeup artist in Paris, originally from the United Kingdom.

Our first location was Trocadero and other points around the Eiffel Tower. Jocelyn's bright yellow dress was very Belle-like, and she really shined with the Eiffel Tower behind her.


After the Eiffel Tower, we took a walk along the river, which was so fun. I really enjoyed chatting with Jocelyn and her mother Catherine, both a delight. Jocelyn is a very bright and funny young lady with a lot of energy and I loved the wonderful relationship she has with her mother too.

It was time for an outfit change, the second outfit was a really pretty long white dress, very summery, with a bit of a boho chic vibe, accented with several colorful wreaths. I absolutely loved this--Catherine and Jocelyn had coordinated accessories including jewelry, hair accents, and shoes, and created some amazing looks.

We stopped by the bridge of Pont Alexandre and from there made our way to the Tuileries Gardens. The bridge is ornate, with gold and elegant statues, and even has a view of the Eiffel Tower from far away. Then we walked through the beautiful gates of the most famous garden in Paris, the Tuileries Gardens, and we began by the lavender plants, which smelled so good! Then, we continued to walk through the gardens until we arrived at my favorite location, with a view of the Louvre Museum. Isn't it gorgeous?



The final act of this amazing Quinceañera photo session in Paris was in more casual attire. Jocelyn slipped into some denim with a cute summery top, and because in July there is a carnival in the Tuileries Gardens, we had some fun with cotton candy and capturing the color of the amusements, definitely not something you think of when visiting Paris, but it's an annual event Parisians really enjoy, and it was an explosion of color. Jocelyn had so much fun here and I had so much fun photographing her. Our final stop was for a Parisian café, I mean, you're in Paris, how can you not? We selected the famous Café Le Nemours.

Naturally, as Jocelyn is an avid reader, she turned the pages of her favorite book while enjoying a French crepe!



I had so much fun with Jocelyn and Catherine for this very special Quinceañera photo session in Paris. These photo sessions are amongst my favorites. Not only do I get to photograph other women and girls having fun in Paris and all the wonderful sights of Paris, but I get to meet amazing families and hang out with really cool mothers and daughters, as I show them some of my favorite spots.

A huge thanks to them both for their gift of laughter, fun and joie de vivre (joy of life). I so enjoyed spending the morning with them!

If you're coming to Paris and would like to celebrate your young lady's Quinceañera, check out more information here.







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