Elegant boudoir photographer in Paris


Elegant boudoir photographer in Paris

Elegant boudoir photographer in Paris. Most people know me as an English speaking photographer in Paris that specializes in couples photography. Indeed, I love photographing couples in love in Paris, such as couples coming to Paris for engagements, weddings, vow renewals, surprise proposals and honeymoons. But I also love working with individuals to create amazing artwork they’ll absolutely love.

Boudoir photography in Paris is one of those wonderful services that I offer, and I thought I’d take some time to explain it a bit further.

If you live in the United States, you may know that boudoir photography is all the rage right now, it’s very popular. But most people don’t really understand what boudoir photography is or why you’d want to be photographed in this way. After all, isn’t it just photographs in your underwear? No, not really.

Indeed, most women prefer to be photographed with delicate lingerie to show their femininity, but boudoir is so much more than photos in your underwear. For many women, boudoir is a new and beautiful way to look at themselves. To see a beauty they didn’t know they had. It has not a thing to do with the size of a woman’s body, but inner confidence in oneself and how you project that to the world.

You may think to yourself, no way I’m getting in lingerie to take pictures! Maybe you’ve had children and you’re self conscious, or maybe you’ve gained weight over the years like I have. Beauty doesn’t come from those external things, it comes from within. Boudoir photography is just an external way to communicate the inner beauty and soul of a woman.

I’m not here to convince anyone, but if you’d been thinking that boudoir could be a way to celebrate yourself and you’d love a warm, caring female photographer to photograph you, I’d love to chat with you.

What’s so special about boudoir in Paris?

Most people don’t come to Paris with the thought of doing boudoir photography. But if you’re visiting or live in Paris, it’s an excellent location for the arts. I love photographing boudoir in Paris hotels with tons of charm. Boudoir in Paris can also be done in a studio, and I tend to do a mix. The key is to create a wonderful experience for my clients, whether they prefer the ambiance of a great Paris hotel or the simplicity of a studio.

You’ll see from my web site, that I often photograph boudoir in black and white. I feel this gives a very timeless, elegant feel and black and white looks great on everyone. However, I’m a Paris boudoir photographer that loves color too, and I strive for a classy, elegant color palette that’s darker and mysterious and unique. Nothing cookie cutter for my clients!

Paris is a unique and elegant city, and a perfect place for boudoir photography you’ll absolutely treasure. Whether it’s a gift for your loved one or a gift to yourself, I say, go for it!

Read more about my Paris boudoir photography services here and don’t be a stranger, and feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have at contact@picturemeparis.com. I can also be reached on Whatsapp. Let’s create something really special together!




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