Dazzling engagement session in Paris in January

January 6, 2019

Dazzling engagement session in Paris in January

Dazzling engagement session in Paris in January. It was a pretty chilly January morning for my photo session with Raed and Diana, a young andabsolutely lovely couple visiting from Israel. Now it’s winter in Israel also, but not quite as cold as it was in Paris. That said, even in the winter, what a fabulous city to be photographed in, especially if you’re a couple in love like Raed and Diana.

Raed scared me a little in the beginning, as he told me he hated having pictures taken. To be honest, this is a common complaint among men, most men aren’t exactly thrilled with the prospect, at least those I’ve met, but then again there are a lot of men who enjoy it or simply don’t mind. Diana had booked my Platinum session, which goes up to three hours, so I was a bit worried Raed would fizzle out early. You see, as much as I’m a Paris photographer, I also like to show guests around the city. Even though Raed and Diana had been to Paris several times before, I wanted to take them to some of my favorite spots for photography

Eiffel Tower last

When a lot of us think of Paris, we think of romance, love, and everything beautiful. Paris is definitely that. But it’s also a place where real people live with real problems. As a strong democracy, the French love to protest things they’re not happy with and it shows up in the news looking just horrible. In fact, while the Gilets Jaunes protests against taxes and general government issues have been going on every Saturday for the last two months in Paris, and there have definitely been some unflattering moments caught on camera, it’s just a part of a functioning democracy. A modern day storming of the Bastille, if you will.

That said, sometimes these manifestations, as they’re called, affect Saturdays. Since our photo session was on a Saturday, and since I read the Eiffel Tower was to be a location, we decided to do the Eiffel Tower last on our route just to scope out the situation.

Notre Dame is amazing

We began in one of my favorite parts of the city and an area I don’t get to photograph too often, Notre Dame Cathedral. I don’t get to photograph here too often because most clients are just interested in the Eiffel Tower. But today, I had the pleasure of capturing Raed and Diana against one of the oldest and most popular gothic cathedrals in the world, including its gardens and neighboring quaint neighborhoods.

We also stopped for a cup of coffee and an iconic café shot.

During our walk, I got the opportunity to know this friendly couple better. We talked about travel, all that there is to do in Israel, our jobs, what we do for fun (I learned that they love to play tennis!). This is the absolute best part of what I do, meeting beautiful people and learning about their lives.

On our way to our second location, the Louvre Museum, I wanted to stop by a somewhat hidden spot.

The beautiful Place Dauphine

This beautiful square is neatly manicured and to me looks like a movie set. We popped in here and had the place pretty much to ourselves. How I adore this square, it has all the hallmarks of a traditional Parisian scene.

Not far away is the world famous Louvre Museum, a spot that wasn’t my favorite to begin with, but one that has grown on me and now I really like it.

Let’s talk outfits

I was really impressed with Diana’s fashion sense. Despite it being a cold day, she went the extra mile to look her best and she brought a pink coat for romantic and dreamy photos with the man she loves, but later changed into a dramatic and elegant red coat. Her mix of color really helped the photos to pop, especially when Paris is quite dreary most of the winter, not a glimpse of the sun in sight.

The key to a successful Parisian winter photo shoot really is to add color of some sort into your ensemble. Whether that be a scarf, cute hat, gloves—you name it, they all work. Props like flowers are also quite nice and some people enjoy them.

Pont Alexandre and then the Eiffel Tower

Another spot I don’t photograph much but love is the bridge of Alexandre the Third (Pont Alexandre III). This stunning bridge is the most ornate in Paris and has a view of the Eiffel Tower. From here, we walked along the river all the way down to Bir Hakeim bridge, and got some amazing shots along the river. As it turns out, there were no protests going on at that moment, and we really had the whole run of the city as usual.

Our very last shot was at the Bir Hakeim Bridge, scene of the famous movie Inception, with Leo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, and French actress Marion Cotillard. It’s a simply stunning view of the famous landmark.

I had so much fun with Raed and Diana. They are a lovely young couple, full of energy and enthusiasm. It was such a pleasure to photograph them, I do hope I have the chance to photograph them again!

If you’d like the ultimate in variety, this is really a great way to see the city! You can learn more here.

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