Celebrating love in Paris

I meet couples in love every single day. It’s the joy of my work. However, this amazing couple took it to another level. They were so in sync, and so in love, it made my heart melt. No, seriously. Yes, I’m a softie, but they really made me smile.

Alicia and Jordan are two amazing people, creating real change in the world. More on that in a minute.

They wanted to capture their beautiful love story, naturally, in the most romantic city in the world, with the most romantic icon of romance as the backdrop. Of course, I’m speaking of the Eiffel Tower.

Why is the Eiffel Tower featured in 99% of my work? Most couples prefer it over any other location in Paris because of what it symbolizes. I didn’t realized until I moved to Paris full-time four years’ ago, how important the Eiffel Tower is as a symbol to my clients and of love and romance.

We were blessed with a gorgeous day with the most beautiful light, and I hardly had to do a thing, just letting Alicia and Jordan play and have fun with each other. Natural interaction is always best, and they had chemistry in spades.

Hope and progress in Africa

I love to get to know my clients, and I have met the most interesting and amazing people doing great work all over the world. Alicia and I were chatting, and she shared that she was headed to Uganda for work for a week, right after her time in Paris. She shared her organization with me, called All Across Africa. It’s Alicia’s company, and I was so impressed. Their mission is simple:

With a population in excess of 1 billion and a low labor demand, unemployment is as high as 80-96% across sub-Saharan Africa.  Throughout the continent, men and women are in need of income that sustainable jobs provide to support their families with food, shelter, and education. We have the answer.

Alicia and the team at All Across Africa are doing something positive to help the people of Africa to provide sustainable income and not only that, but to share their beautiful handicrafts with the world. You have to check out the online store, I want to buy so much of the arts and crafts, unfortunately, I live in a tiny apartment with not much room, but for anyone with a home to furnish, the quality and beauty of the products for sale created by these artisans is amazing.

Check out their web site at https://www.allacrossafrica.org

What an amazing morning spent with this couple, I feel so honored that they chose me to capture their time in Paris!

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