Couple in love Paris photo session all around Paris

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Couple in love Paris photo session all around Paris

A couple in love Paris photo session all around Paris is one of my very favorite photo sessions! As much as I love Paris, there’s so much more to the city than the Eiffel Tower. So much more to see, to take in, to experience. I was so happy to experience all of this and more with this lovely couple from the United States, Alicia and Cory. They were a lot of fun and I had a blast spending the morning with them!

We always start Picture Me Paris photos sessions that incorporate the Eiffel Tower early. The meeting point is Trocadero, the area with a wide open, panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower. We also hit several nearby locations with pretty views of the Eiffel Tower. This amazing duo began their photo session a bit more dressy, absolutely perfect colors and tons for a Paris photo session.

Then, we headed east and set up camp in the Tuileries Gardens and Louvre. There, Alicia and Cory changed outfits into a more casual look, Alicia with a floppy hat that was as cute as it was functional. Fun tip, there is a great little shopping mall underground attached to the Louvre, where you can use a very nice powder room and do a bit of shopping. It’s called the Carrousel du Louvre. Here you’ll find 36 stores and 10 places to eat, including McDonald’s, if you have a hankering for a Big Mac.

Throughout the morning, Alicia and Cory were in great spirits, and I enjoyed learning more about them and their lives, as well as showing them my favorite spots in Paris. Truly it was a fun urban adventure and I could not have asked for nicer company.

The flowers at the Tuileries were in full bloom, so being a flower lover I had to photograph Alicia and Cory among the flowers. Are they cute or what?

It would be a crime to come to Paris and not have beautiful memories to take home. You can book your own beautiful couples photo session here!


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