Charming Montmartre couples session in Paris

Eiffel Tower, Montmartre

A little Eiffel Tower, a little Montmartre in late November

This time of year, late November, things really start to change in Paris. The weather turns chilly, we have a lot of rain, and it will be this way until about mid-to-late March. The very last leaves are hanging on a few branches and it’s soon to be bare. I admit it, I have a tough time this time of year. I love foliage. Green leafy trees are my favorite, except for the spring blooms, which I absolutely adore.

But, luckily, Paris is a great holidays type of town and there are already beautiful holiday decorations on the hotels and stores. Paris does the holidays well!

Jo and Brice were visiting Paris from Washington, DC. On an extended European holiday, Paris was their last stop. Jo thought it would be really fun to have a couples photo shoot in the most romantic city of all, Paris!

Jo could not have been more right, and when I met her for the first time I was so glad that she said Paris was turning out to be her favorite city she visited on this trip. It does have a special magic that very few other places have. Maybe I’m biased, but I’ve traveled enough now throughout the world to really be able to create comparisons. So many great cities in the world, but very few compete with Paris when it comes to charm and romance.

The Blues

Jo wore the most beautiful long gown, a gorgeous shade of blue, and Brice looked super handsome in his suit. They looked like a million bucks. After speaking to Jo, she decided they’d really like to go two locations while in Paris, and while the Eiffel Tower was a must, she wasn’t quite sure where to go for the second location.

I sent her a list of my blog links so that she and her husband Brice could get a better idea of some of the great photography locations in Paris and match with their personalities.

Brice selected Montmartre as the second location he liked.

We met at Trocadero, the most popular spot for photographs of the Eiffel Tower and with the Eiffel Tower. Being that it’s in between seasons—meaning before the holidays, it wasn’t too terribly busy, but as Paris draws about 29 million people a year, the Eiffel Tower is always a popular spot.

I took this wonderful couple to all of my favorite spots at Trocadero, and when we were doing, I skipped for joy as our next spot is one of my favorites in Paris, and a place I rarely get to go. Why is that? Most people choose the Eiffel Tower and that’s about it, it’s the most important place for them. I can certainly see how that’s a must on most people’s list, but I highly recommend factoring in time to see another amazing Paris sight, such as Montmartre, the Louvre, or Notre Dame.

Getting to the butte

Montmartre is called “the butte” in French, as this is a super charming little village high on a hill. Once not even part of the city, it’s well known for its bohemian, carefree vibe, and is where all of the famous artists of the day (we’re talking Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Sisley, Toulouse-Lautrec) hung out.

To me, the ghosts of those artists of the past can still be felt in Montmartre. It’s just downright charming and I think Jo and Brice felt the same, as we walked the twisty, turning cobblestone streets.

For me, it feels like being on vacation and what could be more fun than showing two new friends from the United States around one of my favorite places?

Not only that, a wonderful opportunity to capture them in this scenic environment, with images they’ll treasure from their time in Paris for years to come. That’s my goal, anyway!

Think Pink

My favorite spot on Montmartre, and I think of many, is La Maison Rose. It’s a cute little pink restaurant on the most charming street in Montmartre. It’s also just down the road from Au Lapin Agile, a colorful and quaint old-time cabaret. For anyone looking for a little Parisian color, these spots are the best!

We walked all around Montmartre, stopping in so many cute spots for photo opportunities.

When it was over, I was really sad to leave. What a fun and beautiful couple, I am so lucky I had the chance to meet them and photograph them!

Have a look now at some of their images from the Eiffel Tower and then, Montmartre. I think you’ll see that this is one photo experience that’s totally worth the time!

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