A celebration at the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

A celebration at the Eiffel Tower

What a day to celebrate! Turning 30! Having a baby! On holidays in Paris with the one you love! This is the situation Shakima and Shakeem, visiting Paris from the United States, found themselves in on a lovely late spring day in Paris.

When I first saw Shakima, I was wowed. Her hair was perfect, makeup was perfect, and her dress. That dress! It was so pretty and feminine, amazingly elegant and her shoes were to die for. Sorry, I’m a woman, I notice these things! Shakeem, for his part, was so nice, mellow, fun and I could tell how much he loved his wife. Shakima explained that it was her 30th birthday in a few days’ and she wanted to celebrate it with a photo session at the Eiffel Tower. And why not, there are few places in the world more romantic and festive to fete your birthday!

After I’d been photographing this beautiful couple for a bit, Shakima admitted she was pregnant with their first baby. Say what? I would have never known! They’re expecting a little one later this year, and when they return home they’ll learn the gender. How exciting!

Shakima has star quality, one of those ladies who looks good no matter what she does. That’s not me, which is why I’m behind the camera. It was my absolute joy to capture Shakima and Shakeem during this really special time in their lives. It was pure pleasure and I wish them so much happiness with their new little bundle of joy.

Thank you for choosing me as your photographer in Paris!

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