Celebrating a marriage in magical Paris

Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame

Bright sunshine-y Paris

Liz had contacted me six months’ before, just as we were moving into the winter months, about a photo session in Paris with her husband, Sterling. I’d been looking forward to meeting them ever since, and the weather gods shined on us, on a mid-March day in Paris. Sun galore! Temperatures in the low 50s, and the loving warmth of an amazing couple, married just last year, and living in Kentucky.

I love dresses, and more than that, I love wedding dresses. The elegance, sophistication and purity of a wedding dress to me signifies joy, happiness and love. I was thrilled to see that Liz had on the prettiest wedding gown and Sterling looked incredibly sharp in his blue suit. Warm and friendly, we spent three hours together photographing them in some of the prettiest spots in Paris. I had an amazing morning with them!

When in Paris…

When in Paris, you have to be photographed at the Eiffel Tower, especially if it’s your first time to the city. It’s such a symbol of romance, and the morning light was bright and orange. We started at the Trocadero area, with an amazing straight-on viewpoint of the famous landmark. There are so many wonderful spots here, from the elegant staircases to the adjacent gardens, now just starting to pop with the buds of gorgeous flowering trees that will delight us in the coming weeks. Spring in Paris is something that can’t be beat!

Liz and Sterling are really in love. The way Sterling looked at her, well, you can always tell how people feel about each other the way they gaze at each other. Sterling gazed at her with deep love, and she, the same for him. This trip is really important, because soon Sterling will begin a deployment assignment and they’ll be apart. But these magic days in Paris and these images of a perfect spring day, will be with them forever, even when they can’t physically be together.

After our time at Trocadero, we walked over to the ever elegant Bir Hakeim Bridge for unique views of the Eiffel Tower from another vantage point.

Easygoing and fun

When I asked Liz and Sterling where they’d like to head after the Eiffel Tower, they left it up to me. I suggested we either go to the Louvre, or Notre Dame area. To my delight, they selected Notre Dame. I love the Louvre, but as a Pisces, I’m drawn to the water, and when I’m at Notre Dame, and on the island of St. Louis, which is oh-so-charming, I get to be near the water and I’m one happy photographer.

Speaking of happy photographers, I couldn’t believe how much fun I was having photographing Liz and Sterling. They claimed to not be super comfortable being photograph, but you’d never know it as they looked like models to me. As a Paris photographer, it was pure pleasure photographing them and several times I found myself exclaiming, Oh that’s so pretty! Because it truly was!

We started with a few photographs in front of the cathedral and then made our way to the back. Because the cathedral needs extensive work done, there is a lot of scaffolding on the back, which likely will be there for the next couple of years. No matter, the garden is still amazing.

A walk along the Seine is always inviting, and we completed our photo session by going to one of my favorite adjacent neighborhoods, which is charming and quaint, and finished up with coffee and a crepe at a nearby cafe.

I can’t thank Liz and Sterling enough for choosing me to capture their honeymoon memories in Paris. It was so wonderful meeting them and I wish them a life filled with joy and happiness and most of all, love!

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