Celebrating an elegant engagement

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An elegant engagement in Paris

As a Paris photographer, I was so happy to meet Leslie and Oliver, both living in Boston, and recently engaged in the United States, and coming to Paris for their new year’s holidays. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph them. We met on one of the last days of the year, which tend to be rain-filled, but we had no rain on this day, just a lot of low clouds, which is typical in winter.

I’m always nervous when you can’t see the entire Eiffel Tower, as many guests expect that they’ll see the same Eiffel Tower that they saw in photos on Pinterest or Instagram. Paris is a real city, but it’s a dream for many and the ideals and dreams of visitors are special and highly dependent on the state of the Eiffel Tower.

Luckily, many visitors also realize that their particular day at the Eiffel Tower is specific to them, and captures a very important moment in their personal history, their love story, and their special time in Paris. As you can also see, some low clouds and fog also lend to a gorgeous, dreamy atmosphere at the Eiffel Tower as well.

Leslie, a digital marketing executive, was dressed in the most chic and elegant long black gown, with beautiful detailing on the upper arm. She also wore a killer pair of beautiful black strappy heels that we also photographed for posterity. Olivier, a law student, looked super handsome in his smart and classic suit. What a dazzling pair!

Not only did they look dazzling, but their inner beauty is what comes through in their images. Exceedingly kind, funny, and super easy to talk to, I enjoyed our several hours together talking about live, travel and Paris. I’m a photographer, yes, and I focus on creating the absolute most beautiful images possible of my clients, but I’m also a people person and I love to learn about people. I’ve had some of my best conversations during my work.

The Eiffel Tower is the classic spot for Parisian photos of course, and we always photograph here in the morning, as it gets quite busy later in the day.

But Paris is more than the Eiffel Tower, and especially for those doing engagement photography, they prefer another location or two as well for lots of Parisian variety.

A morning at the Louvre

No two Picture Me Paris engagement sessions are exactly alike. Sure, at the Eiffel Tower there are only so many vantage points, but I really try to provide a lot of variety. It’s the same at the Louvre. The classic shots are of the famous glass pyramid, designed and constructed in the 1990s as a new entrance to the world famous museum. But I also love various portions of the beautiful courtyard, as well as the Louvre view from the Tuileries Gardens.

I also love to show my clients little pockets or corners of places that I know will make amazing photographs. Depending on the day, you can also see some areas that are not as visible as other times, beautiful little corners of the Louvre, for example. I love all the little architectural details, including the grilled doors that surround the Louvre.

Leslie and Oliver looked so elegant, especially with the Louvre as a backdrop, it was a terrific choice for our second location of the day!

I feel so fortunate and blessed to have been able to capture their engagement session in Paris, thank you so much for choosing me as your Paris photographer, and I hope to see you again in Paris!

If you’re coming to Paris and would love to celebrate your engagement, you can learn more about engagement packages here.


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