A thousand babies

I recently met the loveliest couple ever, Diana and Greg, from the United States. The couple were celebrating Diana’s recent retirement as an obstetrician. Diana told me she hadn’t actually counted, but she’d guessed she’d delivered a thousand babies in her career. Her husband Greg was an anesthesiologist and had retired a few years’ ago.

Now, they were in Paris for the start of an amazing European trip and wanted to capture some images of themselves at the Eiffel Tower to celebrate this special time in their lives.

Sunrise at the Eiffel Tower

We met just as the sun was coming up at the Eiffel Tower, about 8:30 am on a beautiful October morning at Trocadero. As it was fairly chilly, the sun coming up was exciting, and helped to warm us a little, not to mention the beautiful colors of the sky.

I learned more about this amazing couple as we walked around the various platforms of Trocadero. They were the kind of couple you just want to sit down and have a coffee with, to hear their interesting stories and all the fun they’ve had over the years, and now the fun they were going to have traveling in their retirement.

By the river

As a Pisces, I’m drawn to the water, and especially now more than ever, as the construction they did at the river Seine is partially wrapped up now, I can photograph there again. I nearly begged Diana and Greg to go to the riverside, but looking at the results, it was so worth it with the Eiffel Tower and the sky behind.

Everyone has a story

You may think photographers just like taking pictures. Maybe some do, but for me the fun is not only taking amazing pictures of people I know they’ll treasure for a lifetime, but also getting to know people from all over the world and all walks of life. It reminds me that as different as we all may be, we’re all still connected as humans. Lucky for me, the clients I tend to meet in Paris are among the best humans on the planet. Diana and Greg definitely fit into this category!

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