Celebrating a 10 year wedding anniversary in Paris style

Eiffel Tower

Celebrating a wonderful life together

What’s a great way to spend your wedding anniversary? Traveling to Paris, of course! They don’t call it the City of Love for nothing, it’s super romantic and the symbol of Parisian romance is the Eiffel Tower.

This is where Analiza and Bob, a wonderfully friendly and kind couple from Orange County, California, chose to do their 10-year wedding anniversary photo shoot.

What an amazing couple! As I’m someone who loves dresses, the first thing I noticed was Analiza’s gorgeous dress. Analiza told me it was by Ted Baker. It looked absolutely fabulous on her, and if you ask me, she should be the model on the Ted Baker site.

Not to be outdone, Bob wore a super smart suit, which highlighted his gorgeous blue eyes. At first, he went casual, without a tie, but later on we convinced him to add some spice with the tie, and he looked great!

This is a couple that loves to be together, and travel is one of the things they love best. They told me they’re empty nesters now, except for a new family member with four feet.

At first I thought, What? Then I realized they were talking about their adorable dog, and of course we looked at pictures of her. I love animals, and she is a beauty! No doubt missing her Mom and Dad.

Cloudy Eiffel Tower

We Parians have been super spoiled this autumn. With temperatures mostly in the 70s and copious amounts of sun, being outside and at the Eiffel Tower has been a blast. But alas, at the end of October, autumn has finally arrived. See those low clouds? Sometimes part of the Eiffel Tower is obscured by clouds, but you know what? I think it’s dreamy and romantic, and most of my clients think so too.

Cloudy days are actually better for Paris portrait photography, as it’s much more flattering than bright sunlight.

We began our photo session at the area known as Trocadero, this is the main viewing area for the Eiffel Tower. Then we walked along the river Seine, one of my absolute favorite vantage points for the Eiffel Tower. The area I like to go had been closed all spring and summer for construction, so I’m thrilled that a least part of it has re-opened, just in time for winter.

We finished our Eiffel Tower photo shoot at the bridge of Bir Hakeim, which has its own special elegance. I love photography couples in love there, it’s a very popular spot indeed.

I couldn’t believe how fast the time went, spending time with Analiza and Bob was a pure delight and I’m so thankful they chose me to capture their special anniversary in Paris.

Many happy wishes for many more beautiful anniversaries!

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