Bright and colorful engagement photo session on the hill of Montmartre in Paris

Montmartre, Paris Engagement

Montmartre, a scenic spot for a Parisian photo session

There is a charming spot in Paris that is usually filled with tourists all day long. Except int he morning. This spot is called Montmartre, the location of the Sacre Coeur Basilica. It’s high up on a hill overlooking Paris, and was once a little village. It’s a quite famous area too, bohemian in nature, and has drawn artists for centuries.

Did you know you can even find a roman amphitheater there?

I always like to refer to Wikipedia too, for some great info:

Archaeological excavations show that the heights of Montmartre were occupied from at least Gallo-Roman times. Texts from the 8th century cite the name of mons Mercori (Mount Mercury), and a 9th-century text speaks of Mount Mars. Excavations in 1975 north of the Church of Saint-Pierre found coins from the 3rd century and the remains of a major wall. Earlier excavations in the 17th century at the Fontaine-du-But (2 rue Pierre-Dac) found vestiges of Roman baths from the 2nd century.

During the Belle Époque from 1872 to 1914, many notable artists lived and worked in Montmartre, where the rents were low and the atmosphere congenial. Pierre-Auguste Renoir rented space at 12 rue Cortot in 1876 to paint Bal du moulin de la Galette, showing a dance at Montmartre on a Sunday afternoon. Maurice Utrillo lived at the same address from 1906 to 1914, and Raoul Dufy shared an atelier there from 1901 to 1911. The building is now the Musée de Montmartre.[10] Pablo PicassoAmedeo Modigliani and other artists lived and worked in a building called Le Bateau-Lavoir during the years 1904–1909, where Picasso painted one of his most important masterpieces, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. Several noted composers, including Erik Satie, lived in the neighbourhood. Most of the artists left after the outbreak of World War I, the majority of them going to the Montparnasse quarter.[11]

So as you can see, this area is so historic, but what you may not know is how colorful it is.

A bit of color, please

Paris in general is very gray. Mostly cloudy most of the year, and the beautiful buildings are whites and off whites. It’s hard to find some color, and while the city is dazzling, sometimes I miss color. But you can find lots of romantic and pretty colors in Montmartre, from blues to reds to pinks. 

I have all of my favorite spots and was excited to meet Jenny and Spencer, visiting Paris from Australia, for their engagement session in Montmartre. Spencer had requested Montmartre, because they were looking for something just a bit different. Something other than the Eiffel Tower. Jenny was a little disappointed she wouldn’t be seeing the Eiffel Tower, however, there is actually a far-away view of the Eiffel Tower from Montmartre.

Jenny added some bright color of her own, by choosing a deep red/crimson dress, that looked stunning on her. Spencer also looked handsome. We met at the metro Abbesses, which is one of the famous metro stations in Art Nouveau style. 

The station’s entrance, designed by Hector Guimard (1867–1942), is one of only two original glass-covered Guimard entrances, called édicules (kiosks), left in Paris (the other is located at Porte Dauphine, while a third, replica édicule exists at Châtelet). Though a Guimard original, the édicule at Abbesses was originally located at Hôtel de Ville but was transferred to its current location in 1974. The entrance is technically anachronistic, since line 12 of the Paris metro was built by a competing firm, the Nord-Sud Company, which did not hire Guimard but engaged other architects to design its stations and station entrances.

Across from the metro station, went to the Wall of I Love You’s, where I love you is written on tiles in many languages. It’s a wonderful spot for people in love to spend some time!

Think pink

Two of my favorite spots for Montmartre photography is the restaurant called La Maison Rose, on a charming, winding street, and the Au Lapin Agile cabaret, a little historic house that has been the scene for merriment for decades. 

If you like the color pink, this is the spot for you! On the hill of Montmartre you’ll also find lots of greenery in summer, including the vineyards on the hill.

The perfect place for people in love

I can’t really think of a more charming and beautiful place in Paris for engagement photos. Especially if you come in the morning, it’s quiet and you have the whole hill top almost all to yourselves. Imagine roaming around, hand in hand, in the early morning, taking a nice stroll and then sitting down to a nice croissant and café when the restaurants open. What a charming way to spend a day in Paris!

Photo shoot in Paris Montmartre

If you’d coming to Paris and would like to do a photo session, just a bit different than the Eiffel Tower, this may be for you! Contact me at



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