Bright and charming wedding photo shoot in Montmartre

October 16, 2018

A beautiful gown and handsome suit in Montmartre

When I met Van and Dave, who were visiting Paris from my old stomping grounds of Southern California, I was blown away with Van’s wedding gown. It was intricate and beaded and just beautiful on her. I also was impressed with Dave’s crisp and bright suit. Together they made a dazzling sight on the streets of Montmartre and turned a lot of heads!

I had so much fun chatting with this friendly and kind couple. Of course, since I used to live where they are now living, we talked about a lot of topics from “back home”. I always marvel at how I meet the most amazing people from back in the United States in Paris.

A sunny tour around Montmartre

I make no secret that Montmartre is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris, and every time I have the opportunity to photograph couples here, I’m giddy. It’s not that I don’t love the Eiffel Tower, I do, however, there is much more to Paris than the Eiffel Tower. This neighborhood in Paris is high up on a hill, a hill town, if you will, and has some of the most colorful Parisian architecture, in what is mostly a gray and white city. As I’m a lover of colors, this is a great place to be all seasons of the year.

I also love to show my clients around the neighborhood, of course, photographing them beautifully, but telling them a bit about the history and what I know of Montmartre, and taking them to my favorite spots.

The Mur des Je T’aime

I like to meet my clients at the metro station Abbesses, as it in itself is an Art Nouveau treasure. Then, we crossed the street to the Mur des Je T’aime, This art wall, comprised of blue tiles, was created to spread the love around—the words “I Love You” are written in 250 languages. It’s the ultimate in romance!

Around the neighborhood

From the wall we made our way around the neighborhood, and I always notice new things when I photograph couples here. New signs, new charming Vespas parked on side streets, new cute street art. It’s a neighborhood of tradition but also constantly changing and evolving. On our walk, we found cute colored doors, charming cobblestone streets, blue and green shutters, balconies galore, overflowing with flowers.

I should also mention that the weather could not have been more spectacular, nearly 80 degrees and sunny on a mid-October day! Not typical at all of Paris, but so beautiful!

I so enjoyed chatting with Van and Dave, about Paris, about California, and everything in between, as we explored Montmartre together. It’s my hope that the images we captured will be a beautiful souvenir of their time in Paris.

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