Beautiful visions of love on a rainy Paris day

Paris Engagement

Sunday morning, Paris, France. 

Eiffel Tower. 

Rainy. And super cold.

As I arrived at Trocadero, my clients from England had already arrived and were perky and friendly. The kind of people you know you're going to instantly like, even though you've just met.

Camilla wore a bright green winter coat, and Kate a colorful vest. Their choice of clothing matched their personalities. They even brought a cute pink umbrella. I love pink stuff, so I immediately loved their umbrella and was so happy they brought it. A photographer notices all of these details, and of course, tries to incorporate them into the images.

What's Paris like in the rain? Well, I can't lie, I don't like the rain. But to be honest, Paris is a place where I've been annoyed by the rain the very least of anywhere I've ever been. Why? Because the city is still beautiful, and has a special shine to it. 

Also, when it rains, a lot of places are a bit quieter. We had Trocadero almost to ourselves, and despite the rain, it was bliss.

I set Kate and Camilla up on the first casual pose in front of a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower, and they were magical, right from the start. The kind of couple where you look at them and think, wow, look at what they found, and how beautiful they are together. And you just don't want the time to end. I could have photographed them all day. 

A natural easiness and happiness was very evident, and they thought of great poses before I could even tell them maybe to try something new. I loved how the umbrella looked in the images, and the best part was sharing a bit about Paris with them, even though they'd been before, I love to share random Paris facts. 

Later, Kate sent me a photo of she and Camilla on the holiday ferris wheel with a great view of the Eiffel Tower, and this really made me happy, not only because their picture was beautiful, but because they cared enough to include me--even going beyond our photo session in the morning. I have to say, that's quite a view at night! Perfect viewpoint for the holidays!

When I photographed Kate and Camilla, it truly seemed like the sun was out. Does that sound cliché? Maybe, but it sure wasn't. I felt warmed by their friendliness and their love.

As we said our goodbyes, I smiled a big smile on my way back home. Rain or no rain, this had been a really special time with these two lovely people, I hope to see again very soon, and I realized how very lucky I am to have met them.

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