Beautiful spring honeymoon photo session at the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Sawadee Ka

A few years' ago I went to Thailand, my first visit to the "Land of Smiles", as it's known. How friendly can they be, I thought? Is it all a publicity stunt? Well, to my surprise, the Thai people I encountered on my travels totally lived up to what I'd heard. They were polite, friendly, helpful, gracious, and overall amazing. The country of Thailand is beautiful, no doubt about it, but it's really the Thai people that make it beautiful, in my opinion.

Honeymoon Time

Today I had the opportunity to work with a couple from Bangkok, in Paris for the very first time, celebrating their honeymoon. Nakul and Framee got married last month in Bangkok, and flew to Paris (a long flight) to have their honeymoon in Paris. They wanted a photo session to commemorate their marriage and time in Paris.

My first impression of this couple was from their warm smiles. Friendly, fun and ridiculously photogenic, we talked a bit about the United States, where they'd both studied, and also my time in Thailand. We talked about their wedding, which sounded amazing.

Post-Wedding Dress and Spring Blooms

Framee explained to me that the dress she was wearing, which was fun with tons of movement and a 1920s vibe, was her "after party" dress from her wedding, and that she had danced the night away in it. I took this as my queue to make sure we incorporated some dance moves into their Paris photo shoot.

Everyone I think has a dream to be photographed at the Eiffel Tower. It's such an iconic monument, that just to view it evokes romance and emotion. With a gorgeous couple like this, we had romance in spades.

I took Nakul and Framee to my favorite spots for photographs at Trocadero. My aim is to get close-up shots that are warm and personal, as well as panoramic shots which are sweeping, and dramatic.

Also, being that the Paris cherry blossoms are in bloom at the moment, I take every opportunity I can to photograph people under the beautiful blossoms, and also with the beds of bright yellow tulips which are blooming right now.

Warmer, sunnier days have arrived in Paris, and I could not be more thankful.

I also could not be more thankful for opportunities to work with warm, kind and loving couples like this one. I wish them a happy marriage and hope to see them in Thailand one day!

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