Another absolutely gorgeous Quinceañera photo shoot in Paris

Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Quinceañera

I love photographing Quinceañera in Paris

I've been so fortunate to have not only one Quinceañera this month, but two! This Quinceañera photo shoot in Paris was with the lovely daughter of Yelene, whose family lives in the Miami area. They were celebrating this wonderful time in their daughters' life, when their daughter turns 15! They came totally prepared for a wonderful Quinceañera photo shoot.

Beautiful dresses and locations

I was so impressed with the wardrobe selection! She started with a blush pink tulle-inspired dress that screamed "princess". I was instantly in love with it, and this gown was used in all of the Eiffel Tower photography.

When we moved to the Louvre Museum, there was a changeout into the most divine blue gown I think I've ever seen. The embroidery on it was exquisite and the color, it was absolutely perfect alongside the Louvre architecture.

The third outfit was a fun, and feminine pink polka dot skirt with bodice, and finally, for a fourth and casual outfit, a jumpsuit with slacks and top, and some bright red heels.

I loved all of these outfits so much! As much as I love photography in general, I absolutely love photographing beautiful and friendly people in the gorgeous outfits they've selected to represent their personality.

Grace and elegance at a young age

I mentioned posing in past blog posts, most people have no clue how to hold themselves in photographs, and that's entirely normal. So I'm surprised when these young women of 14, about to turn 15, possess all of this poise, elegance and internal and external beauty at such a young age. It's a joy to be a part of this important family moment.

I absolutely love Quinceañera photo shoots in Paris and I can't wait to welcome more families to work with me. I love to learn about families and capture this very special and fun time in a young lady's life!

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To Yelene and her family, I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to capture this precious moment in your lives. I thank you for your kindness and the fun we had, and I hope to see you all again!


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