And then the sun came out…

Eiffel Tower

Paris in winter is gray, rainy and blustery, certainly not as cold as many places, but definitely nothing one could consider tropical.

But today, we got a few hours of sun in the form of Paul and Celi, visiting from Miami, Florida. Celi told me she was hoping for sun, and sun we had! For a few hours at least. The light at the Eiffel Tower this morning was simply gorgeous!

Paul and Celi are a lovely couple, but like many couples, they weren't really looking for overly "posed" images, which I don't like anyway. So we did a mix, of posed and romantic images and also some more classic Parisian shots, like in a café.

It was cold and windy, but Celi looked gorgeous in her white dress, like a vision from Miami. Kudos to her for braving the cold weather for fashion and wonderful memories.

We started our morning at the Eiffel Tower, which has become a bit challenging. Trocadero, where you arguably get the best view of the Eiffel Tower, is always a work in progress, as there are always events there. Today, no events, but I took the Paul and Celi to my favorite little neighborhood with a great view of the Eiffel Tower, and my heart sank.

One of the pretty buildings was covered in scaffolding, and there was scaffolding littered in the street where I normally photograph people. Sigh, Paris is a real city and not a movie set, so I made the best of it. If there's one thing I've learned being a photographer in Paris, is that you have to be flexible, especially around the Eiffel Tower.

The riverbanks of the Seine are off-limits right now too, as the Seine river is flowing over its banks, making it impossible to visit the riverside, one of my favorite spots. No worries, Bir Hakeim bridge was open and it's always a gorgeous spot for photography.

After we completed our Eiffel Tower portion of our photo session, we decided to head to my favorite gardens, the Luxembourg Gardens. Even in winter they are pleasant, and the flower beds are filled with cold weather annuals. There are also some bits of color, I'm always on the lookout for color.

The sun had started to fade and the wind picked up, our last stop in the garden was the fabulous Medici fountain, and then we ran across the street to Le Rostand for some delicious hot chocolate to warm up. The hot chocolate in Paris, for the most part, is absolutely delicious.

Here at Le Rostand, we bid our farewells, but when Celi mentioned to come see them in Miami, I don't think she realizes I'll probably take her up on it.

A beautiful, friendly and warm couple and some rare Parisian sun. I'd say it was a very good day!

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