Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer!

No one could have seen this coming. We just welcomed spring weather in Paris, but today, summer came knocking on our door! With temperatures of 80F, and copious sun, we Paris photographers ditched our winter coats and slipped into something summery today.

It was an amazing day to be a photographer in Paris, and I was absolutely delighted to welcome my clients from Arizona today, Justin and Christina.

They love Paris

Justin and Christina have been to Paris a number of times before, and they love the city. Justin told me that there was so much to do, they keep coming back and exploring new things. Justin is right, there is a ton to do in Paris beyond the standard tourist sites like the Eiffel Tower and Louvre.

Christina was an absolute vision. She wore a long, flowy, yet fun and really pretty dress that suited her perfectly. Her long hair was so beautiful, she reminded me of a princess, with her rosy cheeks and beautiful eyes. Justin was handsome in a colorful shirt and has an an amazing smile that really lights up everything he’s around!

So in love

Married less than two years, it was obvious from the first click of my shutter that Justin and Christina are very much in love, and in love with life. They had such a natural chemistry that it’s like the camera was not even there. This I think is the key when you’re photographed as a couple, try to forget that the camera is there.

Admittedly, this is sometimes difficult because I love to chat with my clients and learn more about them. I realize sometimes this is akin to the dentist asking you about your life when you have a mouthful of stuff and can’t answer, but in between shots I make it my mission to learn more about my clients. It’s so important.

Tell me about you

I love to learn about my clients and where they live. What they do back home. Where do they like to travel? Have they been to Paris before, and if this is the first time, how are they enjoying it? How did they meet, was it love at first sight? What was their wedding day like, was it magical? I was delighted that Justin and Christina shared all of these wonderful details with me, getting married in Laguna Beach, California. I imagined their wedding must have been a dream.

The last of the cherry blossoms

I was super excited to photograph this beautiful couple under the cherry blossom trees that are still blooming (but not for much longer, sadly). It really was a dream shoot and when you’re having this much fun, and enjoying your clients this much, it isn’t work at all!

I can’t wait to see this lovely couple the next time they are in Paris!

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