13 years and still going strong

It was really hard to believe that this youthful couple has been married 13 years! When I met Allie and Jared, I commented that to Allie. She said, well, we got married young. Now, two beautiful daughters later, they celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary in the City of Love, Paris, France.

A true love story

Jared is in the Air Force and was so interesting to chat with. Allie is working on her masters degree and is a history scholar, this is a power couple! What struck me most about them was their easygoing manner with each other. It’s so easy when you have a camera pointed at you to be come camera shy, it isn’t a natural thing to be photographed, really. Sometimes on the other end of the lens I can forget that.

Posing is something most people say they don’t want to do, but what they really mean is they don’t want all of their images with them looking at the camera, they’d like them of each other interacting in a natural way.

This love story played out right in front of my eyes. No posing necessary. Allie and Jared just naturally interacted like they always do, with love, care and affection, and a lot of fun thrown into the mix.

A morning at Trocadero

Most of my work is at the Eiffel Tower, at the Trocadero complex known as Palais de Chaillot. Couples in love like Allie and Jared see the Eiffel Tower as a representation of romantic love, and I took them to all of my favorite spots for beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower. As I’m there so often, I have some secret spots I’ve come to love.

Your love story

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