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Hello there and bonjour too!

My name’s Karina and I’m a professional wedding and couples photographer originally from the United States, living in this amazing city of Paris, a place I’ve loved since I was a teenager.

I love to create dreamy, romantic, colorful and light infused images for beautiful couples visiting Paris and throughout France and Europe. 

The best part of my job is meeting you–connecting, getting to know you, sharing laughter and great stories, and chatting about our travels and our lives. It’s the connection with my clients that makes this all so worthwhile, and photographing your wedding, elopement, engagement in Paris (or elsewhere) is just the icing on the cake.

I specialize in weddings and Paris elopements, as well as surprise proposals, engagements, and vow renewals.

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Back home in the US, I grew up on a farm in the Midwest. Not a whole lot to do on those long summer days but daydream, write short stories, and make up movies in my head, as I dreamed of being a filmmmaker and storyteller.

Under the Christmas tree one magical Christmas was a Kodak camera. It wasn’t much of a surprise, as I’d already found my Christmas gifts ahead of time (sshhh, don’t tell anyone, it was my brother’s idea to snoop!).

I was thrilled beyond belief to receive this camera, and set out to photograph anything and everything I could. The only problem was, my photography stunk and processing those rolls of film were costly, especially when you ended up with very few usable photos, but hey, I was a kid.

I first came to Paris as a student in high school and it made a huge impression on me. In 2012, I bought a little apartment here, and moved full time a few years’ later. My goal was to perfect my French (let’s just say I’m still working on that!).

I live in the hip, trendy and fabulous 11th arrondissement, where several times a day I can smell freshly baked pain au chocolat wafting through my windows from the bakery on the corner. It makes it difficult to stay on a diet, but I love living here!

You know that show House Hunters International on HGTV? Yep, I was featured on back in 2013. You can see my episode here on iTunes, # 9! It’s super cheesy, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I began my photography journey as a videographer, with a dream of being a documentary filmmaker. Gradually I became more interested in still photography, which is now also a passion of mine. I spent many years honing my stills on landscape and travel photography (you can see my Etsy shop here). I love to tell stories through visual imagery, and as they say–a picture really is worth a thousand words.

I’m attracted to bold colors and beautiful light. Using Paris as the canvas, I strive to capture the beauty and essence of people and capture true and real emotions.

To me there’s more to having a photography business than just taking great images. Your entire experience is really important to me. I work with you ahead of time to discuss your wishes, and help make your dreams a reality. It is truly an honor to meet so many amazing people, capture their happiness, and see Paris  (or other parts of France) together. I look forward to welcoming you too!

Random bits about me

  • Yes, I speak French, not fluently, but I make myself understood. I also studied Spanish, a bit of Italian and I can see please and thank you in many languages!
  • My favorite movie the olllld movie Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock, with James Stewart and Grace Kelly. I’m a huge fan of suspense.
  • I’ve run 21 marathons, including two Boston Marathons. My moments of glory were fleeting, but I did manage to run a personal best of 3 hours 42 minutes. Yay!
  • I love animals, especially cats, dogs and bunnies. I especially love German Shepherds and even filmed a documentary on training police dogs!
  • Huge music fan! I like all types of music but rock is my favorite.
  • I was first chair clarinet in band in high school, at least for while. I also was a singer soloist, but don’t ask me to sing now!
  • I’m insatiably curious, I love to learn and explore!
  • I’m a severe introvert, but you’d never be able to tell because I can talk A LOT!
  • I’m passionate about travel and have been to more than 56 countries. The world is so vast and amazing. My favorite places are the Greek islands, Italy, and I’m smitten with Africa and want to do more exploration on the continent.
  • My favorite cuisine has to be Mexican! I love fajitas, burritos–you name it! I never met a burrito I didn’t like!

Now about YOU!

Okay enough about me, I want to hear about you! Please CONTACT ME with any questions you have or just to say bonjour! Tell me about yourself, and tell me how I can MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!

Bonne journée! (that means have a nice day!)


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English Speaking Paris Photographer and Destination wedding photographer

I'm an energetic American English speaking Paris wedding and engagement photographer, who loves to create dreamy, romantic, colorful and light infused images for beautiful couples visiting France. I can't wait to meet you!